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Men’s Essence: Suggestions for ingredients

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The theme for our September 2016 issue of The Essence newsletter was Men.

Ian listed his top 14 essences to assist men and asked members for their contributions on what they thought should go into a Mens Essence and why.

Here they are:

Suggestion 1 for a Men’s Essence:

Leanne Williamson suggested the following:

  1. Red Helmet Orchid – for that connection to either father/son/authority figure. Often so much is left unsaid – letting go of the lack of communication that may have occurred in the past
  2. Bush Gardenia – to allow for communication to occur; to not just repeat the same set of behaviours we need to be able to express them, whether it is talking about them or writing them all in a diary
  3. Flannel Flower – for healthy boundaries, intimacy and being able to talk about feelings
  4. Bluebell – to realise what it is you are feeling, rather than just thinking I feel terrible
  5. Little Flannel Flower – to be able to retain a sense of fun, because if you are going to give an essence that might bring some things to the surface, a bit of balance to see the lighter side is definitely needed
  6. Gymea Lily – because no matter whether you are the oppressed or the oppressor this helps to balance that

Suggestion 2 for a Men’s Essence:

Maria Sukalic from South Australia sent in two suggestions:

  1. Little Flannel Flower – to help express thoughts
  2. Red Helmet Orchid – To heal emotional hurts both past and present
  3. Bluebell – For verbalising feelings and to help men with no number 5 in their birthdate
  4. Yellow Cowslip Orchid – to balance the psyche
  5. Sturt Desert Pea – for letting go of past hurts and releasing the grief in a positive way
  6. Mountain Devil – for respectfulness in relationships.
  7. Kangaroo Paw – for consideration towards others and appropriate behaviours in social situations

For Maria’s second combination, she suggested:

  1. Little Flannel Flower – to be happy and have fun
  2. Tall Yellow Top – for being part of the community and valued
  3. Wisteria – for respect in intimate relationships
  4. Black-Eyed Susan – for everying in it’s own time
  5. Illawarra Flame Tree – for the confidence to take on responsibility
  6. Gymea Lily – for respect and consideration for others
  7. Crowea – for balancing and to be clear

Suggestion 3 for a Men’s Essence:

Marianna Georgiou of NSW thought that Boab could be included in a Men’s Essence especially if the older generation were immigrants and still influenced by the ways of the ‘old country’.

Thanks for your contributions!  If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, leave them as a comment below.

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  1. PERIGNON Fabienne
    PERIGNON Fabienne says:

    Cher Ian et company,

    Je ne parle pas correctement l’anglais. Cependant je suis très intéressée par le composé homme que vous élaborez.
    Il me semble que Five Corners est une essence qui pourrait faire partie de la composition. Tout comme les femmes, les hommes ont également un manque d’estime de soi et ils ont aussi des saboteurs qui les empêchent parfois de se découvrir et de vivre pleinement dans l’ouverture du cœur. Je constate également qu’à ce jour les hommes veulent changer leur façon de s’habiller et vider leur placard…
    je vous remercie d’avoir pris le temps de me lire.
    je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes et beaucoup d’amour.
    Fabienne Pérignon

    • Sharon Montague
      Sharon Montague says:

      Thank you for your comments Fabienne (translated below) which I will pass on to Ian. Sharon (editor)
      Je vous remercie pour vos commentaires Fabienne (traduite ci-dessous) que je transmettrai à Ian. Sharon (éditeur)

      ‘I don’t speak English. However I am very interested in the compound man that you develop (Mens Essence).
      It seems to me that Five Corners is an essence that could be part of the composition. Just like women, men also have a lack of self-esteem and they also saboteurs preventing them sometimes to discover and live fully in the opening of the heart. I also note that to date the men want to change their way of dressing and clean out their closet…
      Thank you for taking the time to read.
      I wish you happy holidays and much love.’

  2. Jennifer M Anderson
    Jennifer M Anderson says:

    Hurrah and thank you for the thoughts of making an essence just for Men! I strongly hope and suggest that it comes about. most of the above essences should apply – especially in my case for my husband and son – Gymea Lily..I have a 33 year old son who has Aspergers Syndrome and a husband whom I strongly suspect has Aspergers too, as he is dogmatic and pendantic in many ways, and has a fear of lack about money. He has not been diagnosed, is 78 and would be hard to change at this late stage of life. But even small changes of attitude would make a difference for me, as there have been many frustrations over the years. (49) I have often tried to dose him with essences, but he always says ‘no, I don’t feel any different’ but I can see a difference but at least he takes them. Calm and Clear, and especially Relationship Essence have been a godsend at times when we have been in conflict, and I can only ‘thank you’ and applaud you for these Essences,Ian. My husband is very affectionate and supportive of me in many ways, but when it comes to practical, and ‘trade’ aspects’ he is an excellent tradesperson and in some ways too much of a ‘know it all and efficient’. He quote facts and figures all of the time and is forever assessing everything as to practicality and cost, especially and even how people perform workwise . And at times too, very insensitive to other needs in our home and me. So a good mix of any of the above suggestions would be wonderful. Unfortunately Aspergers Syndrome is a genetic weakness that has come down through at least past two of his generations,with others in the family being affected by this difficulty. We have two sons and at least one grandson with Aspergers. Speaking generally, when we marry when we are young, we don’t often realise or understand aspects/weaknesses from other generations, and in many ways are probably blind to what is/has been happening, as we are too trusting that ‘we will be ok.’ All in all though, he is a very good man, and my son has worked through many different personal difficulties by using the Essences over the years.
    As to suggestions, Boab, Bluebell, Gymea Lily, Red Helmet Orchid, Flannel Flower,Little Flannel Flower, and Five Corners for starters. And I personally have used the Essences frequently over the past 20 or so years. THANK YOU.
    Light and Love to you all,
    Jenny M Anderson


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