This edition of The Essence is all about Babies and how Australian Bush Flower Essences supports these tender and vulnerable beings.  There are amazing articles, videos, case studies and stories.

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The Gaia Program

In April this year, we had hundreds of people from all around the world participating in the Gaia Program for 3 weeks. The first two weeks of the Program consisted of taking the Gaia Essence and the final week involved taking the Solar Logos Essence and people's experiences were nothing short of amazing. The Gaia Essence is now available for you to purchase.
ian white founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences
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Update from Ian White, Founder, June 2017

I cover a lot of ground in my article on babies: incarnating for the first time, conception, gender expectations, help for bonding, primitive reflexes, and sibling rivalry. I discuss two specific Essences that help babies in unique ways and there's a short video interview with trance medium Sally Pullinger.

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New Insights and Video: Mulla Mulla

See Mulla Mulla in its natural habitat in the centre of Australia…

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