How to get the most out of this website

This website houses the magazine published by the Australian Bush Flower Essences Society.

We provide information that is publicly accessible as well as premium digital content that is password protected and available only to Society Members who subscribe to our digital magazine.

For a small annual subscription fee you can become a member and gain access. To purchase a subscription, please read this information about our membership first.

  1. Once you purchase a subscription, you will be sent an email containing a password that will give you access to protected articles or pages.  These pages often have the word “Protected:” in the title.
  2. When you click the link to read the premium article you will be prompted to enter your password.
  3. Simply enter the correct password from the email and you will gain access to the article.

ausflowersThis Society website does not sell Australian Bush Flower Essences, but it does link to the Ausflowers website that you may already be familar with.

To purchase Australian Bush Flower Essences please continue to do so at

Participate by commenting or sharing your experiences

At the bottom of News items and Case Histories, you have the opportunity to add comments, simply by completing the form at the bottom of the page.  You can remain anonymous if you wish but the most important thing is that you share your perspective.  In doing so, you enrich the experience of fellow Society members and add to the valuable information archive housed on this website.

So don’t be shy!