Case History: Boab Essence – Releasing Family Patterns 1

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Upon taking Boab, I immediately started to dream of my parents – my father being the predominant figure. The dreams started out as nightmares and on the last day of the Essence (I took it for seven days), I saw for the first time, the vulnerable side to my father and immediately felt compassion, love and warmth.

I could feel the power in the dream and was aware of a huge shift in my relationship patterns. I was able to see very clearly where I hook into the patterns and was able to choose not to.

I had to have contact with my father a couple of weeks after the completion of the remedy and I was feeling very negative after my conversation with him and slipped back into the old patterns. Then a couple of hours later, the feeling subsided whereas it usually stayed with me for weeks. I again had to speak to him a couple of days later and the conversation was cheery and relaxed.

I have had ten years of therapy and never before shifted this. I feel Boab is one of the most powerful remedies I have used.

Jan Wilde, NSW 

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