Case History: Boab Essence – Releasing Family Patterns 2

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A Boab testimonial as told to Ian at a workshop

I have recently been working with Boab on my younger brother with astounding results.

When my brother and I were very little I often remember my father saying to us that he would never leave us and he would then go to tell us how he had been abandoned by his own father, our grandfather, when he was very small. Unfortunately our father did repeat the same pattern when I was 6 and my brother 4.

He left our family and we had no further contact with him. My brother wished to start his own family with his partner but after 2 years they had no success. He approached me asking if there would be some Bush Essences to help. He wasn’t very optimistic as he said that his sperm count results during this time had come back at almost nil levels.

Normally I would have prescribed Flannel Flower for someone with this problem. However I had a strong intuitive sense that my brother’s infertility was connected to this family pattern of the fathers abandoning their wives and young children. I felt that my brother’s low sperm count was a way of not creating a family which he may later abandon.

On this basis I only prescribed Boab which I had him take for a month, then have a short 2 week break and then repeat for another month. After completing his second bottle he requested another sperm test and to his astonishment – and the doctor’s – his sperm count had returned to normal. Not long after my brother and his partner successfully conceived and my brother is not at all worried or concerned with thoughts that he might continue the pattern set by his father and grandfather.

Another great result for the Bush Essences!

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