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Case Histories:  Travel Essence

I am writing to let you know of my recent experience taking the Travel Essence blend on an overseas trip.

I have just returned from a 7 week overseas trip to the USA and took a bottle of the Travel Essence with me for the trips there and back. This is my fourth trip to the US but the first time I’ve used the essences to cope with the jet lag. On my other trips it has taken between 3 or 4 days and two weeks to recover and get back in sync with local time, particularly coming home. This time it was very different.

After a 30 hour door-to-door trip on the way over during which I only managed to get about 20 minutes sleep in all, I arrived at my destination feeling pretty energised. As it was evening, I had a small meal and quickly went to bed. I slept solidly for 12 hours and when I got up the next day – no jet lag at all. I was immediately in sync with the local time zone. This was interesting because I had misread the instructions on the bottle and took the drops every 3 hours instead of hourly during the trip.

On my return flight, which was about 21 hours in all, I managed to sleep for about an hour on the plane. I arrived in Sydney at 7.30am. This time I did take the drops hourly as instructed. I was a bit tired, particularly from the high humidity, but had a busy day, unpacking and catching up with my family and did not feel a need to go to bed until 9.30pm. Again, I slept for about 11 hours and woke up feeling refreshed. And again, no jet lag at all. Everyone here kept assuming that I would be jet lagged for a week or more and were surprised when I told them I didn’t have any.

So when I compare my experiences this time to my other overseas trips, the difference was quite remarkable. Thanks for helping to make my trip even more enjoyable and also for the extra time that the drops gave me when I might otherwise have been recovering.

Scott Howlett, NSW

I just had to write and tell you how well your essences work.

I have just used Travel Essence for a trip last week from Australia to Ireland and had no tiredness or jet lag at all. Pretty good for such a long flight.

Lynda Ronayne

I have just been to the States on a 2 week business trip and was persuaded to buy a bottle of your bush flower essences.  I have to say that I was somewhat sceptical of the claims made for the product.  Let me state now that your product is a miracle.  I normally suffer major jet lag on the west bound trip, and yet on this trip I travelled for 20 hours and then awoke the following day as though I had never left home.  Fantastic.  I am now a one man evangelist for your product and will be recommending it to everyone that I know that travels.  Well done.

George John

A young man travelled overseas for business and was having problems with his sales pitch to sell his product. The disorientated way he felt affected his sales. He was always feeling exhausted and his job was at risk.

He came to me upset at his inability to cope and I gave him Travel Essence to take as directed. Three months later he still takes the essence and is capable and well balanced. He feels alive and able to perform at his best during his travel related goals.

I find this also great for shift workers.

Barbara Finlayson, VIC

I suggested my client take Travel Essence to help his body clock readjust to the different time zones. I said he was to take the Essence on the plane during the flight. I also suggested that if he got a hotel room with a bath that he should put 7 drops in and spend some time soaking. Because of his schedule, I advised him to take the Travel Essence continually whilst away and for 3-4 days after he got back.

He reported that he had not experienced the usual disorientation and totally drained feeling he normally experienced. …. he was much more focused and able to conduct the business. He also remarked that he didn’t feel “like a stranger in a strange land”. He felt strong and sharp and refreshed. He now makes sure he has a bottle of Travel Essence every time he travels.

Jill Cody, NS

I used the Travel Essence whilst flying to South East Asia in December 08.  When flying I generally suffer severe anxiety attacks as I have a fear of flying.  Before I left for my trip my mother gave me a bottle of the Travel Essence.  At first I was a little sceptical but willing to give it a try. Aboard the plane before take off I had 2 options – take valium and disconnect myself or take the Travel Essence – my inner self screamed Travel Essence!  I’m not usually a fan of prescription medicines like depressants, so naturally I chose the Essence and luckily enough I flew the whole way to Kuala Lumpur calm and collected.  I didn’t even worry about my fear.  It was overcome thanks to the Essence.

Karamea Ngalai-Stokes, QLD

I just wanted to let you know about an experience I had recently on my trip to Bali. I used the Travel Essence for the first time and loved it, I didn’t get travel sick at all in the car or plane. Whereas when I went to Hong Kong I used ginger tablets and didn’t travel too well.  I have used the essences a lot over the years for myself, family, friends and clients and still get moments of amazement.

On the flight home a baby that was approximately 4 months old was very distressed and crying before we took off. I offered the mother my Travel Essence to put on the baby’s hands. The baby went off to sleep before we started taxiing for takeoff and slept all the way to Sydney and I did too. The mother couldn’t believe it and thanked me when I went to get off at Sydney. The lady sitting next to me had to know what it was also so it was shared around. The rest of the passengers were suitably impressed. Maybe the hostesses should carry this product on board for all passengers.

Heidi Silver, QLD