Case Histories: Transition Essence

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My father was dying, in hospital, and deteriorated suddenly to the point where I knew he would die within days. Dad had been neither a good father nor a good husband, and although he and I had a friendly and happy relationship during my adult life, he never encouraged closeness and I was never able to completely rid myself of the resentment I bore him.

When I realised he was dying I gave him Transition Essence and also took it myself. He was unable to speak or swallow – the tumour which killed him having invaded his throat – so after giving it to him under his tongue a few times I began rubbing it on his wrists.  In those last few days I felt nothing but overwhelming love and compassion for Dad, and I was able to sit with him for hours and hold his hand, cry beside him, tell him I loved him, and talk about some of the laughs we had – which brought a smile to his face.  Although he must have been in great pain and discomfort – and frustrated because he couldn’t speak − he was calm throughout that time. He would clutch my hand and when I said, ‘I love you Dad, and I know you love me,’ he nodded his head and squeezed my fingers ever so slightly.  My brother and sister were able to get here in time, and my sister, who was with him when he died, insists that his passing was peaceful and accompanied by a great sigh of relief.   I am at peace with Dad.  This showed me that mountains of resentment can dissolve in an instant.  There is no unfinished business, and I often still talk to him and feel a wonderful closeness with him. I am extremely grateful for the experience.

Pam Wheatley, QLD

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