Case Histories: Transition Essence & Waratah

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My mother had a mastectomy 3 years ago for cancer and then developed secondaries. Mum became quite unwell and I flew home. Mum had worsened quickly over a week or so but seemed to stabilize when I arrived. We shared another 9 days together which was the hardest and most meaningful time of my life. I was able to nurse her at home until the last hour of her life when we transferred her to hospital and she died 45 minutes later.

During my time with her I used Transition Essence, usually twice a day and put a few drops over her heart chakra. I also used Waratah for her and for myself to give us both courage. I used 7 drops under the tongue most times, but varied the amount according to intuition. During the funeral I visualized the Waratah flower often and found this brought me peace and strength during the service.

I feel that the Transition Essence helped to calm Mum and allowed her to ‘see’ her grandmother 2 days before she died. It also gave her insight and she told us that she “would die tomorrow” on the day before she died. That was the last time she spoke to us.


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