Case Histories: Transition Essence

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Hello. We write to you from Chile, because we would like to share some experiences we had with the Transition Essence.

We are a group of 12 people, all educated Flower therapists, who are working every morning at the hospital of our city (Curico), attending people who are all being treated by palliative medicine, most of them in the last state of cancer. We use your Transition Essence. We had several patients who have been a long time without any change, neither for worse or better, and when they started to take the Transition Essence, both the patients and his family, they all died a peaceful death, at home, with their family, in less than two weeks.

We had a case, where there was no change at all in 4 years, and by taking the Transition Essence the person died in 10 days.  All of the cases are registered in the hospital.

We thank you very much for your work and if you have any more information we could use in the hospital, we would be grateful to receive it.

The Flower Group of Curico, VII Region, Chile

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