Case Histories: Transition Essence

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I just wanted to share a story with you that I thought may interest you. I attended Ian’s Masterclass in Brisbane and during the course of it we discussed Transition Essence because a friend of mine has a mother suffering from dementia and she has been deteriorating really quickly. In fact she asked her daughter (my friend) to help her die. I brought it up with Ian that day and he recommended trying the Transition Essence which would hopefully help her stop being so agitated and fearful. She was taking her clothes and jewellery off all the time and throwing them on the floor and escaping when nobody was around. So I gave a bottle of Transition Essence to my friend and instructed her to give it to her mother twice a day. The nursing home staff were happy to oblige with this request.

I asked my friend how she went with it and the results have been amazing. Her mother has calmed right down, she doesn’t undress all the time any more nor try to run away. However, the most amazing thing is this story she told me last weekend. My friend has even been able to take a short holiday – something that she hasn’t been able to do for months due to the fact that she is the only one around to care for her parents – firstly her father who passed recently and now her mother.

I would appreciate you passing this feedback on to Ian and thank him for his very interesting comments about Transition Essence which he passed on that day.

Sue McLachlan, QLD

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