Case Histories: Sturt Desert Pea

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Andrew’s mother died 18 months ago at the age of 42 after an 18 month struggle with cancer.  Andrew’s father is a corporate high flyer and he also has two younger brothers.  During the past 18 months Andrew had tried to take on various roles – mother to the younger boys, partner to his Dad and a coping 19 year old to his friends. He had reached a point where nothing was working.  He looked as though he was just holding it all in.  He had not openly grieved and found the whole situation better left unspoken about.  He has these huge brown eyes that must be mirroring the pain in his soul.  I gave Andrew Sturt Desert Pea and when he read what this Essence addresses I could see him physically relax. He was to take the Essence for three weeks – I told him to take it as he felt he needed.  He came back and talked about strange little coincidences that had happened over the last couple of weeks. Bumping into one of his mother’s very old friends and talking about the past; finding one of her earrings and memories associated with that; having dreams where she was with him talking about issues he is facing now.  He feels that his whole life has had a shift into another dimension.  He is now able to talk about his Mum. Even though he is still feeling very sad it now feels like each time a memory is triggered his load becomes lighter. We make up some more Sturt Desert Pea and he will continue to use is as and when he feels the need.

Jill Cody, NSW 

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