Case Histories: Space Clearing Mist

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I bought after doing Level 1 some Space Clearing Essence” & gave away to friends.

  1. While away at my Sister’s she has a Reiki Group each week. Normally her Healing Room is cleared before the group healing & I got busy & didn’t clear it. When the first person was on the table she commented about the room being heavier than usual. I went out got my Space Clearing” & sprayed the room immediate results. It was a lot lighter..
  2. Giving a bottle to a Chiropractor / Neuro Link friend. She started using it each day and depending on situation more times trusting her intuition. She has had much happier patients, and doesn’t take on their problems.
  3. I have added Slender Rice Flower to “my” bottle of “Space Clearing” & have used in State Committee/ Delegates Meetings. They are more harmonious & more co-operative thus much happier meetings, getting through more work.
  4. So now if I go to “Family” things I spray the space, and they are a lot more harmonious.


Pauline Graves

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