Pink Flannel Flower

Case Histories: Pink Flannel Flower

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In spite of taking the appropriate Essences more than once, to help me heal from an unpleasant relationship with my mother, bad memories and flashes of anger still kept popping into my mind. After taking Pink Flannel Flower for only a week, a good idea came to me. Out of the childhood photos I inherited, I chose five that reminded me of events that brought me happiness. I had these enlarged and copied to send to my children and wrote a letter explaining the significance of each photo. At the end of the letter I wrote some words that came into my mind. ‘Remember the good times, the good times, the good times. These memories will ease all the pain’. I’m not seeking to reinvent history, but to shift the focus of my memories from the negative to the positive. Ian mentions children in connection with this Essence. Young children have a wonderful capacity to forgive and don’t learn how to hold grudges until they’re older. Maybe Jesus meant this when he said we must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (We must forgive). Forgiveness is often difficult. This Essence has not only reached a space other Essences could not reach, it synchronistically brought my daughter into my house recently (before I sent the photos) to remark, ‘Were there any happy bits?’ (A signpost!). Doing something physical to seal the forgiveness was important.


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