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Case Histories:  Overcoming Fear

Emailing to say thank you and to let you know the results I have received so far from the essence you made up for me. My problem was traveling on our local freeway and driving over a particular bridge.  After taking the essences for a week I attempted the drive and all was okay.  Not only that, I travelled for another hour and back along this stretch and all was well.  Will continue to take the essence and keep trying this section until I’m satisfied. The essences together with herbal tea blends I make up and a Quantum Physics system I go on have taking me through chronic fatigue rapidly. I was acute and could have so easily been one of those bedridden for a long period.  I’m so very grateful.

The combination essence used was:


Fringed Violet

Green Spider Orchid

Pink Mulla Mulla

Lyn Treasure, WA

I have been involved with horses virtually all my life and have worked with them most of my adult life. These days

A colleague was feeling very sad, depressed and very emotional. I gave her Emergency Essence to help her cope better with feeling depressed and this helped immensely. I also made up the blend of Illawarra Flame Tree + Crowea + Southern Cross + Dog Rose of the Wild Forces + Tall Yellow Top. For fear of rejection, worry, feeling like a victim, being out of control emotionally and feeling lonely and isolated. This helped enormously and she was in a better state within the 2 weeks and was so happy.

Anne Warnick, NSW