Sturt Desert Pea

Case Histories: She Oak, Sturt Desert Pea & Tall Yellow Top

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Jess’s story

Jess is a 44 year old accomplished woman. Her career in travel is her passion. She has been extremely successful in her career and has been able to travel around the world visiting many different countries and experiencing many different cultures.

Her mother migrated from South Africa to Perth with Jess and her brother when she was 3 years old. When Jess lived in South Africa as a child, she didn’t see much of her father as her father had another wife and family who he lived with.

Jess and her brother were repeatedly left feeling disappointed after he would promise to visit and then never show up.

Through the time that I have known her, all she has ever wanted is to find Mr Right, settle down and have a family but she found it difficult to meet a decent man to share her life with. It always ended with him running away. Due to the fact that she hadn’t found Mr Right and was constantly left broken hearted, at 39 she decided that she wanted to have a baby on her own.

This was quite a journey. It was a huge personal commitment and life changing experience for Jess as she was doing this on her own. It took her ten months to decide on a donor the first attempt of IVF failed.

She was successfully pregnant with her second attempt. She was 25 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with a severe case of preeclampsia.

Days later she gave birth via caesarean section to a baby boy who she named Sean.  She sacrificed everything to be by Sean’s side and practically lived at hospital. For 10 months she was there everyday watching his progress until he passed away.

This broke Jess. I have never been to a funeral where so many people, friends, family, midwives, doctors and nurses gathered. People flew from all around the world to gather in support of her and to celebrate Sean’s short life.

One year later Jess decided to implant another embryo in an attempt to fall pregnant again. Using the same donor she was successful with a healthy full term pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl who she named Ellen.

After the birth, Jess was diagnosed with postnatal depression and was medicated and monitored in hospital while she recovered. Jess and Ellen were discharged after 8 weeks.

When Ellen was 5 months old Jess and I caught up and we discussed how she was feeling. She wept as she talked about how she was still grieving for her son and confessed that she became teary quite often and was quite frankly fed up with it.

I asked her if she would like to try some Flower Essences and she accepted. I prescribed a large bottle of Sturt Desert Pea which I asked her to take for four weeks. Upon completion she conveyed that she felt quite down.

I then suggested a 2 week break and prescribed a large bottle of Tall Yellow Top. I asked her to take this for four weeks. Upon completion she advised me that she mainly felt teary around the time of her menstruation cycle.

I then prescribed her She Oak in which I asked her to take for two weeks.

About one month after she had finished I asked her how she felt and if she felt the Flower Essences helped in any way. She informed me that quote, “Whatever the last Flower Essences were have really worked, I feel heaps better and yes, I do believe they have helped me”

Name supplied but withheld on request

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