Mountain Devil

Case Histories: Mountain Devil

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My husband is a very macho man with an aggressive personality.  He is easily irritated, quick to anger though this is mainly expressed in words I feel that when provoked, he is always on the edge of physical violence.  I have found this very difficult to live with for many years – the continuous expectation of an emotional explosion.  When I heard about Mountain Devil and its quality of dealing with anger I decided to try it on my husband.  But how to give it to him?  There is no way he would take Flower Essence drops, he doesn’t believe in such things.  In fact I knew it would only make him angry if I even suggested it.  I wondered about adding it to his coffee but thought he would notice a change in flavour.  So eventually I added the drops to his rum and coke each evening.  About a week after starting this routine we were sitting quietly one evening when he commented on the fact that he hadn’t felt so good for a long time and that the rum and coke was tasting better! He said ‘They must have changed something in the way they make it’.

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