Case Histories: Lucy French’s notes from Ian White’s Light Frequency Essences workshop in Melbourne 2018

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Why did I come to the workshop?I have been using Bush Flower and other flower essences for over 30 years to support my personal health and wellbeing. The reason I came to the workshop was in response to my need to rebalance my feminine energy, which was out of kilter with my masculine. A masculine energy developed over many years in order to survive in the corporate world. In recent years I had returned to teaching authentic movement and dance, and this had lead me to a crossroads, where my working life was becoming incongruent with my passion. I sensed this workshop was just what I needed. So I trusted my instincts and thank goodness I did.
With the taking of each essence a pattern seemed to unfold, and I am happy if you share this with others:

Antarctic Essence

“This essence connects you with your ancestors and works on clearing ancestral patterns,”

As I take the essence, I hear myself quietly responding to his comment. I don’t need this I’ve done lots of clearing of ancestral patterns in my life already! Spiritual arrogance is something I had never recognised in myself until that moment. This essence did more for me in one day than all the 40 odd years I thought I had worked on myself!

As soon as I took the essence I felt my brain being rearranged. I see an old wooden sea faring vessel from the 16th century, with a colourful figurehead of a woman’s head and body jutting out from in front of the bow.  All the crew are male. I feel this figurehead represents myself and an old paradigm around how the feminine is perceived. When the vessel arrives in Antarctica I feel this old pattern needs to be dissolved and the Antarctic is just the place to do it. Suddenly without warning, my throat physically tightens up and I begin to cough out loud. Unable to top I quietly leave the room and go to the toilet where I move full bodily to express how I’m feeling. Soon my throat settles down so I am able to sit outside the main room and meditate again. This is where I find myself being surrounded by a circle of women, who are sending me healing, healing the old feminine paradigm and pattern that has been blocked in my throat.  In my throat are all the terrifying memories of women including myself, who have stood up for ourselves and being horrendously punished as a result from having our throats cut, to being burnt at the stake etc.  Then I find these women want to offer me healing. As they do I see myself rising above them and looking down on the awe of the Antarctica landscape below me as well as how the feminine has been purely a figurehead without having any power or involvement. At the end I feel much lighter, even light headed, and very peaceful. 

Arctic Essence

* Greenland because of its proximity (to nowhere) has a lot of nature spirits. There is such innocence and joy. It is a place where the light can come in and raise our consciousness and awareness

As soon as I take the essence I feel an enormous energy enter through the soles of my feet.  I see myself in the location where the essence has been made and become aware of a nature spirit, who merges energetically with me. I sense he is connecting the two poles with each other so that the new feminine energy can flow from the Antarctic to the Arctic (South to North). This new archetypal feminine then seems to merge with the Arctic landscape and surround the Earth. I am invited to become one with this new integrated feminine energy. This was the last essence we took for the day and overnight I still felt it within me, and in the morning I wake up feeling light and full of pure joy.

China Essence

* The essence was made north of Shanghai where the Feminine and Masculine are out of balance.  The Masculine becomes over active to try and keep the balance but can’t. There is a deep sadness because there is such a disconnect from the Divine Feminine. Marco Polo wrote about West Lake over 8,000 years ago because it was part of the Silk Road

As I watch the lake where the essence was made I see a circle of people on the path surrounding the lake.  On one side of the lake are the males and on the other are the females dancing.  When I tune into the males I am aware they value the qualities of the feminine – intuition, creativity, beauty, inspiration, compassion, gentleness, artistic expression, song, dance, theatre, writing, wisdom, love etc.  They acknowledge the need for this and as a result the masculine / feminine balance returns to consciousness. Suddenly the males and the females who were separate from each other, join and dance in the circle together. They even fly above the ground holding hands, and dive into the water in a sense of celebration and joy.

Amazon Essence

* New portals and energies are opening up again in this region, where consciousness of the new changes are available.

Nature spirits appear and begin healing my throat of the damage, torture and suffering I have experienced in the past as a woman. Experiences that stopped me from “speaking up” for fear of reprisal.  The flowing water of the Amazon is perfect for clearing this resonance. I find myself inside a large masculine tree and it happily uses its sap to heal my feminine energy at both a personal and archetypal level so I can more easily bring in a new feminine energy. Then I rise above the canopy of the Amazon and sense it will never be destroyed. The waters from the rivers will always cleanse and wash away the past.

Lake Baikal Essence

* The world’s oldest lake is 30,000 years old and the essence was made on one of the 30 islands, a shamanic centre, at the heart of the lake, called Olkhan Island. Here there is a light portal which connects with mass consciousness, and brings in new energies. The essence allows you not to react to things so much and be more detached.

On taking this essence I was surprised to feel as if I had “come home”. I sensed the masculine and feminine energies were in balance on this island and I discover the same energy is in my blood. I see when women who are doing it like men they aren’t able to access their feminine. But when women connect with the passion of their feminine, men can connect more easily with them which changes the dynamics between them. This passion is not sexual but enlivening and helps males to find their own inner strength.

When I take this essence I feel myself immediately opening up to the new energies coming through this portal. It activates my back brain, then my front brain, followed by my third eye and in turn strengthens my perception. Next I am flying above the earth alongside a spiritual masculine energy and I sense the new energies coming into the Earth at this time. After some time I am drawn away from the earth, into the depths of the universe, to what appears to be the edge of life itself. Here I discover the source of a new feminine archetypal energy. As I connect with this archetypal energy I sense the need to ground it in my life.  As I come back to earth and merge with it, it appears to transform the egg of my grandmother (from which I was formed) and in turn this transforms the patterns once contained in my grandmother’s eggs and I am very grateful. I am deeply aware that I will design a new series of dance workshops dedicated to exploring the Light Frequency Essences and call these Essence Dance.

Madagascar Essence

*Brings through tolerance, provides freedom to make a choice.

When I take this essence I feel the top of my head on fire, and the flames of the fire seem to be dissolving old family patterns. I also feel the energy working on my stomach and bowels.  We are asked to imagine what we would look like at 100, and I see this wonderful feminine woman, much slimmer than I am now, wearing a red long flowing waisted skirt with a simple black top. She appears quite muscular, vibrant, feminine, flowing, beautiful and strong. I am conscious the fire is dissolving the overly masculine parts within me which myself and my sisters have inherited through our father. This dissolving allows the inner child to expand within me, so I have more access to its playfulness and authentic joy of being real with others.

I am aware of old beliefs about the roles of men and women inherited from my parents are also being dissolved. At the end white light streams down through my crown chakra throughout my whole being. I realise I need to keep on taking this essence to keep on dissolving the old feminine energy that no longer serves my future self.

Mt Pinatubo Essence

* Why Mt Pinatubo? People wear a mask. They blend and conform. Underneath there are lots of emotions. Take off your mask off and be seen for who you are, expressing spirituality. Come forward and be seen in true spiritual presence.

I sense white light directly pouring up from the top of my head, filling my whole body.  It feels quite wonderful. Then I see myself in a very wide rocky vent within the mountain itself. Although now empty and clear, it was once full of toxic, blocked energy which had built up over time. This toxic energy represents human thoughts and feelings that had nowhere else to go.  The eruption was how Mother Earth could clear herself of this toxic build up. I feel my heart and throat able to open up more fully and a real sense of inner freedom. As Mother Earth releases this toxicity it also helps to heal humanity. On a personal level I sense this essence is helping me to release what no longer serves me.  I am aware of how much energy it takes for me to hold back and be someone that I’m not, just to please others. Imagine the earth being constipated for decades and becoming so toxic it needs to clear itself, by having a gigantic shit, and how good that feels afterwards!

Within weeks of taking this essence I find I am standing in my truth at work, being heard and seen.  It is unexpectedly very empowering. I feel more embodied, more present, more aware of what I need in life.

*Quoted from Ian White at the Light Frequency Essences workshop


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