Case Histories: Little Flannel Flower

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Tiddley Pom is a pure bred Himalayan Lilac Point cat.  Usually this cat was a confident, independent animal whose main function in life was decoratively draping himself over furniture.  After moving house however, he went into hiding.  For four months he stayed under the sofa in the back room only coming out to eat and go to the toilet.  He was a very upset cat.  He had lost his ‘joie de vivre’, his aristocratic posture and his confidence.  He seemed to have shrunk in stature.  I felt that this animal needed to go back to having some fun in his life. He had been sad for too long.  He needed to move as a kitten does to relearn space orientation.

I gave him Little Flannel Flower drops, applied to the head twice daily for three weeks. The results were immediate. He came out of hiding and started to explore his new surroundings and stake out his private areas. It was interesting to note that when the drops were not administered (while his owner was away for a short time during this period) the cat retreated again.  The owner commented that the cat has been quite demanding and wanting someone to play with.  A healthy sign.  Tiddley Pom has taken to waking at 3am, wanting to play.  This result is excellent, if a little unnerving for the owner.  He has become a healthier, friskier animal.  His coat appeared fluffy and glossier.

Virginia Ashsford, Manly NSW 

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