Case Histories: Lake Baikal Essence – Deep inner healing and joy

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lake_baikal_essenceIt is as if Lake Baikal Essence gives you a key to go through a dark heavy door to find, and accelerate understanding of, aspects of your own deep inner healing. It removes any deeper secret weights that have been hard to see and get access to.

Observing and acknowledging these aspects you can release them so they no longer hold back your sense of self and purpose. Once when I was meditating with the Essence I heard the lyrics to the song ‘something tells me I’m on to something good’. I knew this essence had opened my heart to more joy. It can help find some lost fragments of self you’ve been looking for or feel has been missing in your life for some time.

My body and spirit wanted to get up, dance, sing and party. Lake Baikal Essence helps quieten the busy mind, trust to go deeper into your heart and bring back messages of joy.

Helen Megginson, UK

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