Case Histories: Lake Baikal Essence – Connection to source

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I have a very deep affinity with the Lake Baikal Essence. I enjoyed taking the Essence when it was first released and my meditation experience at the Light Frequency workshop was both profound and humbling. I now have a deeper understanding of why I felt so connected to this essence. It is as though my Energy recognised the Energy of the lake.

During the meditation my Energy expanded out of my body and down into the lake as well as up and out of my body and wrapped around the planet and out into the universe.

At the same time the Energy from the lake came up to meet my Energy and also expanded out over the planet and out into the universe.

It felt as though the two Energies became one. It is still difficult to find the words to adequately describe the experience. At the time of the blending of the Energies I felt very empowered, very balanced, and a part of “All that Is” or “Source”. I felt a true ownership of my Source Energy and a very deep knowing that I am a part of that Energy, and that my physical body is my vehicle for this lifetime.

It felt so good, comfortable, and free to be just Energy and to reaffirm that I am a part of “All that Is”. The song “It feels like home to me” came to mind.

The experience again showed me that I can be a part of the world but not of it. I can step back from the dramas of everyday life and find my centre at any time.

After my meditation I have a very deep gratitude for the Light Frequency Essences and for the role that we play as Lightworkers in raising the vibration of the planet and also mankind

So thank you Ian; your request for me to put my meditation into writing took me out of my comfort zone and gave me an even deeper experience.

Alexis Strong, QLD

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