Case Histories: Lake Baikal Essence – Calmness and acceptance of change

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I would like to share my experience of taking Lake Baikal Essence for the past week.

This is the first Light Frequency Essence I have taken.  Once it arrived I placed it on a shelf with my other essences and waited to receive guidance that it was a beneficial time for me to take it.

 The day I asked and perceived a “yes” coincided with my family and I making our third trip to Margaret River to look at houses and to hopefully make a decision about when we would be making the move from Fremantle to the south west of WA.

We had been considering our options regarding buying a new house for three months and my husband and I were feeling frustrated and tired of being undecided about the properties we had seen.

I took my first dose of Lake Baikal Essence the night before we were to look at the houses.  The following day we looked at the houses and later drove the three hours back to Perth feeling like our dream of moving to the country was fading away behind us as we went.

Although I initially felt sad and disappointed that our plans were changing, I believe Lake Baikal Essence helped me to move quickly from the grief of letting go of a dream to being able to accept and trust that this has all happened for a reason.

I have felt a growing excitement in the other options that are now open to us and feel that we still may move to the country one day, the timing was just not right this time around.

Since beginning to take Lake Baikal Essence, I have felt consistently calm and peaceful and have experienced an effortless increase in my gratitude for all that I have in my life.

I think the biggest shift I have experienced is an easy acceptance of the present, whatever it holds in each moment.

Thank you Ian for co-creating this new Essence.

Tricia Woods, WA

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