Case Histories: Hibbertia

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The first thing I noticed when taking Hibbertia was that I was much more content to let people be – I was valuing where they were at and what they were learning, even if it wasn’t how I felt they should do things.

Next I realised I was experiencing a feeling of rejection from friends at my golf club.  So I sat down and felt what it was like to be rejected after which I went up to the club and to my amazement was welcomed with open arms. Once I had owned my feeling of rejection people didn’t feel threatened because I was not subconsciously projecting this feeling onto them.

Soon after this I realised that just as I could fully experience an emotion without blocking my energy also I could experience the cold when I was outside in winter. Instead of hunching up and blocking my energy I just experienced the cold and let it flow through me.  I got a lot less cold and I could actually feel the energy coursing through my body, especially in my hands and toes.

I realised I was getting a lot of self-esteem from getting great results from the Essences with my clients – an external approval of myself.  I then gave myself approval for what I was doing and suddenly I didn’t need the feedback of congratulations.  At another level I came to realise that preaching to others is often a way of not dealing with my own issues.  When people see me living the answer, if it resonates, they will ask.

So Hibbertia, has moved me forward so much in so many ways.  It’s like the real me is emerging, better able to distinguish the real from the illusion.

Jan Brumfitt, UK

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