Case Histories: Grey Spider Flower

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Twenty years ago I suffered from a quite severe kidney infection, which left me with a high fever and barely able to walk for a number of days.  I was prescribed an antibiotic for a period of two weeks and it took at least ten days for the symptoms to abate.

This year I noticed that I was starting to get the same symptoms as I had during my kidney infection.  I really didn’t want to go through that again and I was tempted to head straight to a doctor and get some antibiotics quickly so that it might be halted before it became severe.

Instead I decided I would first try to heal myself with the Australian Bush Flower Essences, so I prescribed myself some Grey Spider Flower.  (This essence deals with big fears and fear is associated with the kidneys.) I also took some aspirin as I already had a temperature.  I went and laid down for some rest and within 2 hours of taking the remedy I felt a release of energy in my right kidney as if a large bubble had just burst in my back.  That sign I took as confirmation that the flower essence was working so I continued to take the essence and the aspirin. Within a day my symptoms had mostly abated and within 3 days had disappeared.  No antibiotics required.  If I had thought it through a little more thoroughly I probably would have taken Mulla Mulla too for the temperature.

Samantha Harrison

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