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Case Histories:  Green Spider Orchid Essence

Before taking this wonderful Green Spider Orchid Essence I was not in tune with my dogs, my spirit and the wildlife around my home as much as I wanted to be. Since taking this essence one month ago, I have developed a deeper understanding of my dogs and the messages they relate to me, a deeper understanding of myself and I definitely have a closer connection to the teeming wild birds around my house. The strongest connection I have had is with the flower and insect kingdoms, just noticing the tiniest life around me has made my spirit glow even stronger.

Astra Hartigan, NSW

I have always had a fear of snakes. When I moved down to Australia from Denmark my fear intensified – as I had heard that there were many dangerous snakes in Australia. I started having nightmares and they were all about snakes – I used to wake up terrified. So, I took Green Spider Orchid and within 2 weeks the nightmares had virtually ceased.

Signe Fjord Ament, France

I am a kinesiology practitioner, and having worked with affirmations taken from flower essences, I was clearly attracted to ABFE. I’ve been testing ABFE on my clients as well as on myself, and I’d like to contribute some of the experience made with the essences.
In fact, I use ABFE in combination with my emotional techniques, so it is sometimes hard to tell which brings up what. Anyway, some issues are very clearly taken care of by the ABFE.
I had an allergic patient with multiple sensitivity patterns, mostly on pollens, dust, animals, occasionally milk.  Previous psychotherapy had brought up early childhood abuse. The underlying problem was clearly about safety, so this was treated by emotional techniques. A secondary issue (she used to talk too quickly about positive experiences and thus delude the implementation) led us to use Green Spider Orchid. The outcome was quite spectacular, as there was no intention on the allergy issue. In fact, the person experienced real and deep reconciliation with Nature in all its outside aspects. The fear had been taken away by other processes but there was still a lingering apprehension to go out and confront these substances which felt rather challenging. Green Spider Orchid clearly gave her the peace to confide in Nature, to feel Nature as a friend, as a welcoming presence. This highly allergic person reported having walked through flowering fields, with the blossoming grass coming up to her knees and the pollen way above her head, with just a tiny apprehension that gave away to amazement about this being possible. On one of her walks she even dared approach horses in a meadow. Actually, she always had cherished horses but couldn’t get anywhere near them without having to cope with heavy symptoms for several days after. And the most amazing part of it: those horses seemed to welcome her, coming up to meet her, asking for no food but just wanting to be hugged – and she did it! And then went home through this blooming meadow with horse hair all over her clothes, and no symptoms at all besides a tickling in the nose she was able to control with repeating the affirmation “I’m safe”.
I’m reporting this experience because, on checking up in the book, Green Spider Orchid is not mentioned in connection with allergies. This aspect, however, seems to be a big clue to getting over allergic trauma, as it is very much based on the fear of living the old experiences again (sneezing at the sight of a photograph showing a haystack, for example), and often the allergy has ended up changing the whole life of the patient who will be shy about going out and “meet the danger”. Green Spider Orchid gave this person the assurance that there really IS no danger out there.
Many thanks to all of you working on this wonderful tool.

Karin Tortel-Wasle, France

Green Spider Orchid, among other indications, is suitable to people who ‘need to guard information’.  I tried this Essence with people who needed to build inner boundaries in their close relationships i.e. with their families, often their mothers.  These people feel obsessed to confess everything to these close ones, rationalizing this as truthfulness and sincerity.  Every attempt to hide any personal information inside themselves is experienced by them as unbearable loneliness and isolation.  If they do not share all their thoughts, feelings, experiences with the other person they will report feeling as if these feelings etc in them do not exist or have no reason or right to exist.  So they become enmeshed with the other person, who in this way actually comes to control their life by approving or disapproving of what they are told. Green Spider Orchid can help in balancing this!  It very rapidly cleanses the unconscious terror in refusing to comply with the conditions that result in this enmeshment on one hand. On the other hand it deals with the feeling of ‘emptiness’ and ‘loneliness’ which would be experienced if enmeshment were being restricted only by the power of the will.  People become capable of building boundaries and not only can tolerate, but also feel it is natural and comfortable to maintain, an inner space for themselves only, and from this space to distinguish what needs or can be shared and what is strictly personal and should be kept secret.  This ability is imperative for the ‘individuation process’ and Green Spider Orchid proves itself invaluable in offering a solution to this very difficult problem.

Marina Angeli, Greece