Case Histories: Emergency Essence – Treatment of animals 2

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In my care of orphaned and injured flying foxes, I use Australian Bush Flower essences every day. My area of interest is with the orphaned pups. The babies come into care shocked, traumatised and grieving for their mothers.

They have to adapt to so much. Emergency Essence is the first thing I give them. Paw Paw helps them digest not only the milk replacement formula, but also the emotional changes, including having a new mum. For the bonding with their human mum which is so vital to their wellbeing,  Bottlebrush is useful. The grief essences of course are supportive and comforting in the early stages – Red Suva Frangipani & Sturt Desert Pea I use extensively. Spinifex  protects them [energetically] from deadly bacterial and fungal diseases which can affect their wings.

I find Transition Essence useful for all the transitions – being new into care, the death of their mother, the transition of being weaned and then the final transition when they go off to batty crèche which is the last stage before they are released as wild bats. These are just some of the essences I use. I find it fascinating that they lick up their flower essence drops with eagerness, even at times when they don’t want to drink from their bottle. I often take the same essences as them, particularly during times of transition, for example when I wean them and then as I say my final goodbye to them on the day I hand them over to crèche.

It comforts me to know that the essences ease some of the pain that these beautiful, intelligent, environmentally vital animals endure. Thank you Ausflowers for these wonderful products.

Important Note. Under no circumstances touch a flying fox. If you see a bat in trouble, call your local wildlife organisation who will send a registered, vaccinated carer to rescue the animal. Remember – Don’t Touch Do Tell.

Registered member, name withheld.

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