Case Histories: Emergency Essence & Bottlebrush

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My dog, Pixie, gave birth to her first litter of two puppies.  She was assisted in her labour with Emergency Essence.  She was very satisfied with herself and what she had achieved although her tongue was very extended as she was somewhat exhausted by the birth and was keeping a very diligent eye on her two pups.  However, shortly after the birth she lost all interest in her own pups and instead wanted to mother and bond to our collection of beanie babies. She went to every room that she knew there was one and barked at it until she was given it. She took them back to her whelping box and was very protective of her ten beanie babies but oblivious to her own pups.  Thankfully a few doses of Bottlebrush had the desired effect and she rebonded with her pups and resumed her mothering.

Ian White, ABFE

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