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Case Histories: Dog Rose Essence – Confidence and courage

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Simon, aged 70 is a keen golfer, keeps fairly fit and is generally a happy disposition.

He was very agitated when he came into my room and he was quick to tell me his problem. He had been prescribed anti-depressants by his doctor because he had been feeling “a bit low”. They had been mild ones and he had stopped taking them 3 weeks before coming to see me. The tablets had left him with such terrible nightmares he was frightened to go to bed at night. Consequently he was exhausted and was desperate to sort his problem out without the further medication that he had been offered by the doctor.

I immediately thought of Grey Spider Flower, so I showed him the picture and told him the problems that this essence addressed. As I was telling him his eyes were getting wider and wider at the end he said, “I don’t want that one it’s too strong!” The next essence that seemed appropriate was Dog Rose. I showed him the picture of this flower and told him about the essence, he immediately began to relax and smiled at me, “That’s the one I want” he said.

Simon phoned me a week later to tell me that he had had one nightmare, though not too terrifying, on the first night and after that the nightmares had stopped completely. He was delighted. I saw him once more, a week after the phone call. He looked happy and relaxed, he was sleeping normally and he felt he required no further essences.

Sally Middleton, UK

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