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Case Histories:  Dog Rose of the Wild Forces Essence

I was having frequent anxiety attacks, but this was in combination in ‘seeing’ knives coming out of peoples eyes, finger nails being ripped off. It was completely terrifying and horrifying – I felt possessed and repeatedly prayed to God for healing. The words ‘you always have everything you need’ kept going through my mind and I was reading the large Australian Bush Flower Essences book and read the section on Dog Rose of the Wild Forces and made some up immediately. Some days I took it 8 – 10 times a day, I always had it nearby. The awful things I was ‘seeing’ started to subside. My confidence to be in the world increased to the point that I stopped feeling scared not to have it with me. After about 3 months I dropped my handbag and the Dog Rose of the Wild Forces bottle had broken (there were 3 or 4 other essences in the bag which did not break) and I took this to say I am OK without it. I am grateful to the bottom of my heart for the help of this essence and recommend it for anyone feeling ‘out of control’.


I treat other people’s horses using mostly homoeopathics and flower essences.  I use Emergency Essence to settle frightened horses but I have found that Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is particularly helpful for horses who become dangerous because they are so frightened.  To handle a horse the handler needs to be seen by the horse as the leading mare or stallion, and the horse should listen to what the leader says.  When horses are very scared they won’t listen anymore and so become dangerous – if children were around them they could be hurt or even killed.  I advise the horses be given the essence preferably 2 or 3 times per day for a week and then report back to me.  I work out the dose on a proportional weight basis and the essence is given straight into the mouth – pull the lip down and squirt it in.  Usually within the week they have calmed down considerably and are then able to listen, to take commands etc. The fear might not have gone completely but it is back to a level with which the handler can work.  Sometimes one or two doses are enough – with other horses it may need to be taken for a couple of weeks.

Corrinne Durmuller, QLD

Day 1: Today I began taking the Dog Rose of the Wild Forces.  I chose this essence because it reflects a point in life for me at the moment where my emotions feel like they have lost control. I feel I have a weak base chakra due to the changes in my life and look forward to working here to strengthen myself and like a plant, be able to watch myself bloom one day.

Day 4: So far I haven’t felt much change. I am taking moments throughout the day however, to stop and take my essence and feel gratitude for the life and universe I have.

Day 5: Today was a big day. I had situations arise where I totally lost control of my emotions. My anger exploded at the people surrounding me.  After this outburst, I felt surprised at myself and how much anger I had let build up inside me. It was a difficult day because my emotions seemed to be overtaking my rational thoughts and I was struggling to feel grounded at all, with doubts arising over the decisions I needed to make for my immediate future.

Day 6: After yesterday I feel drained. I have just taken my essence and hope that it begins working soon as my emotions are now affecting the function of my body. I woke this morning feeling quite defeated and it was difficult to start the day. However, the day improved, I continued to take my essence at intervals through the day and felt my energies being revived from the energy of people that I had surrounding myself. I finish the day still feeling unsure about the decisions I need to make.

Day 7: This morning I woke up feeling a lot more positive than I have in quite some time. Last night I began work on this assignment and found myself excited about the research and putting this all together. I was able to begin the day with positive thoughts about at least taking control of my study. That is an area of my life that I can prioritise and this gave me a wonderful feeling of grounding. What a lovely feeling of being secure!! I had a good talk with my mum down in Tasmania and she assured me that everything will be OK. I realised from my talk with her that change is such a part of life that it’s important for our health as humans to just go with it. I went to class and was able to concentrate on the interesting knowledge I was gaining that all helps me understand more thoroughly the person that I am growing into.

Day 14: Another week passed with me taking the Essence. It has been a huge two weeks for me and I have felt supported by the essence. I leaned on this essence to help me get through my own anxiety and at times unexplainable pain. Through learning about the essence, I was able to understand more about the needs I have in my life and gain more of an understanding about the situations that arise and the negative thoughts I have that impact my emotions. Overall, I feel the knowledge I gained helped me feel calm in areas of my life where I would normally feel turmoil.

Ellie Woodham, NSW