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Case Histories:  Creative Essence

My son Aaron as you know is an Exercise Physiologist. At the beginning of this year Aaron has started to get back on track with his PT business and rewriting what he would like to present and achieve in this new approach.

Aaron discussed it with me and I told him as he is going into a numerology personal year 4 it is all about getting the foundations back on track and to build it slowly and carefully to have solid foundations. I suggested to Aaron he start taking Creative Essence to start this new approach and see what aligns for him in the way of new communication, promotions and social media to expand all of it.  Aaron has taken the essence since mid March.

He cleared out his garage where he lives and spruced it up for a mini home gym to start with. We helped paint it and replaced floor tiles to make it look the part and he has done a good job.

Re social media campaign, we have been working with his two brothers with Autism for quite some time and photographing them and videoing them at the gym, which was my idea towards evidence based research for the up and coming NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for the boys. Aaron also started a new Facebook page, upgraded his logo and created new business print promotions etc.  His new business name will be ‘Shoulder Exercise Expertise’.

As Aaron uploaded weekly videos and photos about his brothers and how we both were working with them in a gym setting it has been gaining a lot of Likes and Shares through Facebook.

Two weeks ago a girl from Aaron’s high school called Brydee contacted him as she is one of his Facebook friends and had been watching all the uploads about the brothers progress at the gym, about their disabilities and the way we work with them. Brydee is a paralympian and has competed in the Beijing, London and Rio paralympic games. Her speciality is shot put. She has won medals in each set of games.

Brydee caught up with Aaron just last week asking him if he could train her twice per week as she now has her new NDIS package approved for this and her goal is to compete at the Tokyo paralympics in 2020.

They began working together this week at her gym, Aaron has been given permission to go there with her as her specialised trainer because the AIS – Australian Institute of Sport – has requested she work with someone specialised outside of the program she does with them.

I think this is an incredible synchronicity in many ways due to the Creative Essence and opportunities coming together.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Curran and Aaron Bettles