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Case Histories:  Creative Essence

My name is Elizabeth Curran and this is a continuation of the Creative Essence testimonial I wrote for the June 2018 newsletter

Things have really expanded for my son Aaron since my last article. It has really been a joy to watch it all unfold with the intention and focus of the Creative Essence. He hasn’t taken it continuously but it keeps having an effect on communication and creative ideas whilst expanding and multiplying opportunities for him.

The first big thing on the horizon is the fact that in August Aaron and I are presenting at the bi-annual Autism conference in Brisbane. The theme is ‘Autism in Education’ and our topic covers recreation, education and lifestyle. Our talk will be entitled ‘Tailor Made Exercise programs for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum’. This includes assessments of injury prevention caused by improper technique in exercise programs and strategy and support where limited verbal communication can create ongoing specific injuries.

Caden & Marcus strength

Aaron will show photos and a brief video of his brother Caden running incorrectly on the treadmill and how those movements caused him a lower leg injury. Caden was not able to communicate this verbally to us, was limping and feared that he was in trouble. Aaron took three months to create a recovery program for Caden which has been very successful.  Aaron will mention how a lot of families fear taking their children to a gym because of potential injury. We are showing how, by working with the personal trainers, staff and management it can all be possible and very harmonious.

The exercise component for the person with Autism has to be in a safe environment and task analysis is very important so they achieve their individual goals for health and fitness.  Achieving this minimises and reduces anxiety. We know that through taking the Essences and using an individually tailored physical exercise program accelerated results can be achieved.

The personal trainers at the gym the boys attend have been open to receiving advice and ideas from Aaron to implement new appropriate exercises for the boys, specifically Caden. They have begun to understand more about how Autism works and how to speak to a person with Autism without overwhelming them. Caden and his personal trainer Nick have been working on shoulder strength and conditioning to improve Caden’s swimming ability and Aaron is overseeing this. I have included a few photos of the boys hard at work in the gym.

Caden & Aaron shoulder training

Caden’s improved swimming means that in November he and Aaron are travelling to Adelaide for him to compete in the Tri State Games for Special Olympic swimming.  Aaron is going along for support and as Caden’s coach. As a child Caden had an obsession with water and all these years later it has become his strength! He is a fantastic swimmer. We have been working with Cognis for quite some time for both his swimming and ten pin bowling technique. Caden took up swimming in his day programs to ‘lesson and reduce his anxiety’ and look at where it has taken him now!  He started doing around 40 freestyle laps per session last year. He is progressing and now doing up to 110 laps per session.

It is important to keep a diary around Essence taking and record even the smallest change, Over the years I have been patient to log details and then sometimes after quite a long time go back and see the patterns and collate all the findings and put it together.  I notice that even after finishing the course of the Essence (say for two weeks) there is an ongoing amplified effect. We are finding that by taking an Essence and combining it with exercise, acupuncture, kinesiology etc there is a heightened positive experience.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Curran and Aaron Bettles