Case Histories: Bush Iris

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As part of a workshop I was attending, we all chose a card from the Australian Bush Flower Essence Insight Cards, then expanded on the meaning of the card as it applied to us. Bush Iris was picked randomly by my partner and I immediately resonated with it, even though I couldn’t understand why. When it came to me choosing a card, I shuffled the cards and randomly chose the same card, Bush Iris! At the time, I couldn’t see the relevance of this card for me, but had a strong sense that it would all unfold so I decided to take it as my case study remedy. We muscle tested in class and we got a yes, that it was the correct essence for me. The dosage was 10 drops of stock in a 25ml bottle twice daily for 3 weeks.

…Later that evening during a meditation I realized that I have been obsessed with death and dying for a long time. This surprised me as I hadn’t really noticed this, but now it was very clear to me.

I enjoyed surfing but would consistently pull back at the last minute. I likened it to the feeling of standing on a cliffs edge, one more step and I could fall to my death. It had become clear through taking the essence that my fear of the take off was actually a metaphor for the moment of death. Whilst I am not afraid of what happens when I die, I actually fear the dying process and the moment of death!

Taking this essence was extremely powerful and quick acting. It really connected me to my Higher Self and showed me clearly what was going on and gave me the confidence to tackle it head on with ease and grace.  Before I knew it 3 weeks had passed and throughout that time many images came up portraying my fear of death in many forms.  Bush Iris helped me to face up to these fears … I am so grateful to Bush Iris.


Kim McMahon

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