Case Histories: Bottlebrush

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I had been feeling overwhelmed with daily life – working full-time, educating my daughters, cleaning and feeding them and having to take care of everything.  After taking Bottlebrush, I had noticed a change in the way that I thought about my daily chores. It was clear to me that I had control and that I could break old habits that keep me feeling stuck. I began to give some of my chores away. It all of a sudden seemed okay to let others help me more.

I had been feeling stuck and unable to write my case studies. It was nine months since I had gone to the Level I workshop. After taking Bottlebrush, I wrote my case studies in a matter of three weeks.

I noticed I tried to simplify my life and get rid of my clutter. I began to clear things out. I found myself cleaning my closets. I found things that I was not willing to get rid of before, but after taking Bottlebrush I was able to let go and get rid of some things that I was holding on to. Also, I allowed myself to utilize resources needed in order to finish tasks to my liking. I had kept for many years an expensive broken camera and an expensive broken purse. I finally followed through and had these items repaired.

While I was taking Bottlebrush, I happened to go to a yearly garden show at the Botanical Gardens in City Park.  There were thousands of flowers and plants being displayed. I did not have much time and found myself briskly walking through.   At one point I just had to stop.  I looked down and saw for the first time in my life a live beautifully blooming Bottlebrush.  I realized that my experience came out of being on the Bottlebrush, which creates a space for new things to enter your life.

Jane N. Parr-Elbaum

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