Case Histories: Bottlebrush & Crowea

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My friend K. is going through some changes in her life.  She returned from Japan a few months ago and is looking for a house to buy and a new job.  She is also experiencing some difficulty at her current work and some pressure and control from her husband’s parents.  She is quite a serious person and often worrying about a lot of things.  She noticed that she became more prone to being irritated and feeling angry.  Lately, she couldn’t sleep for thinking about her problems and worries.  Therefore I gave her a combination of Bottlebrush and Crowea for her major changes in life, stress and worry.  A few days later when I saw her she came up to me and told me ‘It’s working!’ with a big smile.  She said that she didn’t wake up in the middle of the night and start worrying about things.  She now feels much easier with everything than previously and also feels more peaceful and calm.


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