Case Histories: Bottlebrush

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I took Bottlebrush for two weeks.  It seemed a fitting Essence for me as I struggle to let go of my children as they reach an appropriate age of independence.  I tend to worry excessively about them when they are not near me, particularly when they drive.  Consciously I know it’s healthy for them to grow and move away but subconsciously I constantly worry and would like to hold on to them.

Two weeks of taking Bottlebrush had a profound effect on me.  I felt much easier about my girls driving their cars and didn’t obsess or think about them constantly.  I did not feel the need to get them to call me each time they arrived at their destination.  I now find it easy to accept their growing independence to the point where I am enjoying a new sense of freedom from worrying and some extra time on my hands to focus on me.  This has been a relaxed transition for this new life phase for me.

I also took the opportunity prompted by Bottlebrush to spring clean my garage and let go of many objects that I hold on to and carry from one country to another and did this with positive feelings and outcome.

In conclusion Bottlebrush helped cleanse me of feelings that I need to hold on plus it helped me accept the changes that my new phase of life is bringing.

Tina Osie, NSW

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