Case Histories: Black-Eyed Susan

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I was teaching a class of adults at TAFE.  There were two girls in the group who were hyperactive.  One 50 year old couldn’t let anyone else do anything for her because she felt that they couldn’t do it right.  She couldn’t even let someone take the washing off the line because they wouldn’t do it exactly the way she wanted it done.  I gave her Black-eyed Susan and two days after starting to take it she was at home when it started to rain.  She called to husband to take the washing off the line for her.  He was surprised – he had given up offering a long time ago as she always rejected his offers.  Over the next couple of weeks she slowed right down and her life changed.  She later did a Flower Essence workshop and is now totally committed to using Flower Essences. Her husband says that taking Black-eyed Susan was the best thing that had happened to her.

The second girl never sat still. At each break would run down the corridor to get a cup of coffee and she was always the first back in the classroom.  She took on too much work and couldn’t say no to a request.  She just never stopped.  She also took the Black-eyed Susan flower Essence.  Next day at TAFE she didn’t come back from coffee when the others did.  She dawdled in much later.  When I asked what had held her up she said that she had been coming to TAFE for two years and had never before really seen the building, or the people in it, because she was always in such a hurry to get more work done.  On this morning she stopped and talked to people along the way.  She continued to ease the pressure she put on herself and soon, work for its own sake, was no longer her top priority.

Kaye Cheval, QLD

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