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Welcome to the fourth digital newsletter!

Welcome to your September newsletter. This is our fourth and final newsletter for the current 2017 subscription period. And in line with this newsletters theme of ‘change’ we have revamped it to make it even more user friendly – we hope.  Please don’t forget to resubscribe to continue receiving your next year’s newsletters (see link below)

2018 Digital Newsletter Subscription

Staff Changes at ABFE

ian white founder of Australian Bush Flower EssencesOriginally the theme for this newsletter was going to be ‘travel’, however it seemed a very obvious choice to alter it to ‘change’ and the main reason for this was the huge changes occurring at Bush Essences – all of which are for the better. Since October last year 14 of the staff have left – for all sorts of reasons. There have been a lot of retirements, especially among staff who have worked here for close to or more than 20 years. All major management positions have changed in that time. The heads of production, dispatch, procurement, merchandising and finance, along with the former CEO and General Manager have all either left or retired. Clare, our teacher trainer and Correspondence Course tutor, has also unfortunately left due to family illness. Kyla, who headed production, is still deeply connected to the Bush Essences and is the person who will continue making the Essences if anything should happen to me. And of course, Sharon, our newsletter editor, workshop co-ordinator and my former PA, has moved back to England – although she is still continuing to work on the newsletter. Sharon offered to write an article on ‘change’ as this is the ninth time she has moved between the UK and Australia – for this reason she is nicknamed ‘Boomerang’ in the office! Do read her article – I doubt that anyone is more qualified to talk about change!

One of the big changes for me is now working in the office at Terrey Hills, rather than at home, helping to train, support and work alongside all the new staff.

Solar Logos Essence

Last weekend I was teaching a Numerology workshop in QLD. And in the last few weeks I have also taught it in Germany and Japan.  2017 is a Year One for the planet and Year One is all about change. This certainly seems to be the case with everyone I have been talking to this year.  On a much bigger spiritual overview you can use the analogy of the universe breathing in and out. The ‘in breath’, which is now just finishing, is a time of consolidation and little change. The ‘out breath’, which is now commencing, is the activation and raising of consciousness. This is a natural cycle and perfectly in balance with the Divine unfolding. However, this ‘out breath’ is activated by the release from the Heart of the Divine, our Central Sun, of rays from the Solar Logos. Many of you have experienced the Solar Logos Essence, an incredibly deep acting and powerful remedy.

What the Solar Logos Essence does is bring up old blocked energies and psychic junk. And this is what seems to be happening all around us on the planet this year. Things that have been suppressed or hidden along with old deceptions are coming to the surface to be cleared and purified. Taking Solar Logos Essence will greatly enhance this process. Those who have recently completed the Gaia program will know that it is recommended to take the Gaia Essence prior to taking the Solar Logos Essence. Because the more you can ground and anchor yourself the more of the Solar Logos energy you’ll be able to receive. It will also be easier to accept and deal with whatever is being bought up by Solar Logos Essence. Of course, the purpose of taking the Solar Logos Essence is to bring through more fully your Higher Self, your true spiritual essence. In order to do this, you need to clear any old sediment or blocked energies.

The rays of the Solar Logos Essence are working not just on individuals but also on the planet including Gaia, our Mother Earth. Part of the process for Gaia is to clear the negative and psychic pollution that humanity has created on this planet. Part of the cleansing process involves balancing the elements within the earth and in doing so there may be earthquakes, cyclones, flooding or fires occurring.  I would highly recommend the Madagascar Essence, in the Light Frequency range, to ensure you are in the right place at the right time and don’t find yourself in the middle of any of these re-balances. Of course, one of the other major changes happening to our Mother Earth are those to her magnetic fields.

Arctic Essence

One of the consequences of this is the sense of time speeding up and many people today are feeling really stressed and frazzled at not having enough time to do all that they need to do. The Arctic Essence will help keep you in a harmonising balance in regard to these changes and those of the changing of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Climatic Changes

I have just recently spent three months teaching in Europe and people at these workshops were frequently telling me how the current weather patterns are very different from the past, especially noticeable being the increase in temperature. Countries that never had temperatures over 30 degrees are now experiencing temperatures in the mid-thirties during their summers.  Similarly, the amount of snow in winter is dramatically less and in some places where it occurred annually it hardly occurs at all.

One of the things I miss when travelling is body surfing with my friends at my local beach in Sydney. In the last decade the Summer water temperature has risen from 23 degrees to 25.5 degrees. Winter water temperatures are much higher as well. This is a tremendous change in such a small period of time. Possibly because of the warmer water the whales, which normally migrate past my beach in July, were much earlier this year and had really finished by the end of June/early July with only a few stragglers coming along later. I must say I appreciated the Winter water temperature being 18 or 19 degrees when I came back in July, but I also gravely aware that there are big problems associated with this.

Essences for Change

I think it’s also worthwhile to consider that people should take Transition Essence from time to time to cope with the myriad changes occurring all around us. Within this Combination we have Bottlebrush, which is helping you cope with change that is occurring now, and also Bauhinia to prepare you for change that is yet to occur. Another remedy that I highly recommend is Black-Eyed Susan. Anyone who has this Essence as their constitutional remedy will need it to help them keep in balance with the frenetic pace happening around us now – especially if living in a city.


Another remedy that is being prescribed a great deal of late is Hibbertia. It is being prescribed for people to increase and enhance their self-discipline. Individuals are feeling the need to make changes in terms of being healthier through diet and exercise, but often need a little extra kick-start to get them out of their comfort zones and old habits. To implement this change, Hibbertia works both ways – it’s very good for both someone who is either fanatical or a perfectionist in order to help them be a bit more relaxed and easier on themselves. On the other hand, it is also ideal for those who need more self-discipline.

Breaking Habits

In terms of breaking habits, as I just mentioned, think of Bottlebrush. Anything you do for 21 days becomes a habit. Conversely, if you want to break an old habit, if you don’t do it for 21 days then that becomes the new habit. So, if you are working with Bottlebrush allow three weeks to take it rather than just two.

Sturt Desert Pea

One Essence that is often used for less than two weeks, sometimes just seven to ten days, is Sturt Desert Pea. This is one of the deepest acting of the Bush Essences. It works to release deep grief and sadness. Even to see one Sturt Desert Pea flower is to stop you in your tracks. It has such a powerful energy. You can imagine the energy of being amongst a whole field of Sturt Desert Peas. And I hope all of you have the opportunity to experience this at least once in your life lifetime. In my Level 2 workshop, where we cover the theme of sadness, I mention how it is a wonderful remedy for everyone to take at least once a year, especially men. If I was to generalise I would say that women are able to express their grief and sadness more readily and if they get through it they will often tap into any anger and resentment they are holding on to whereas it is often the opposite for men who can usually express their anger more readily but have greater trouble expressing their grief and sadness. In a major study of men in their seventies and eighties the researchers were shocked to find out how many men had still not gotten over their first love affair dating back to their late teens or early twenties. In Chinese medicine grief and sadness have a direct impact on the lungs. Being able to express our feelings and let go of what we are holding on to means we will not only feel better, but it will also lead to an increase in happiness and general wellbeing on all levels.

Level 3 In France

In June this year, in the beautiful village of Autrans, in the French Alps near Grenoble, I conducted a Level 3 workshop. Making an Essence is always a magical and special event. This was certainly no exception. The buttercup flowers, or bouton d’or as the French call them, were sparkling in the sun and dominating all the fields around the venue. It was a very easy choice to make in terms of choosing which flower we would use. This was also a completion of a cycle for me as the first time I was in Autrans was 27 years earlier at the very first International Flower Essence conference which was held there. This was quite a momentous occasion in the Flower Essence world where we created a great network of Flower Essence producers – getting to know each other and establishing networks that have continued to this very day, helping one another deal with many global issues, international laws and government rulings. Returning to Autrans gave me the opportunity to meet up with Philippe Deroide, who all those years ago very graciously opened up his own Flower Essence conference (that was originally solely about his own Essences and company – Deva Laboratory) and allowed participants from all around the world to present their Essences as well as share their knowledge and wisdom about Flower Essences and nature. Philippe and I shared a very interesting adventure in Iguazu Falls in Argentina a few years later. Philippe welcomed me back to Autrans and was very supportive of our Level 3 workshop. I have a video of Philippe and I discussing and talking about that very first International conference and that Iguazu experience.

It was great to laugh about that event again with Philippe and he even had a few photos of the occasion to give me and which I have included in the newsletter.

 Philippe Deroide, Eve (Ian’s workshop translator) and Pascale (the general manager of Deva Laboratories, the company Philippe established).

First International Flower Essence Conference – Autrans, France, 1990

 Ian on far right with the other Flower Essence manufacturers from around the world, in Autrans 1990.

 Ian at the First International Flower Essence conference in Autrans, 1990.

Participants at the First International Flower Essence conference in Autrans, 1990.

 Ian presenting at the First International Flower Essence conference in Autrans, 1990.

 Product Displays at the First International Flower Essence conference in Autrans, 1990.

Sydney Level 3

If you have never attended the Level 3 Workshop I would highly recommend it to you especially our only Australian one which we do in Sydney on the first weekend in October where we spend a great deal of the time outdoors bush walking amongst the Bush Essences out in flower that we find at this time of year and of course the highlight, which is everyone on the workshop all making the Mother Tincture together. If you‘ve ever taken, prescribed or taught about a specific Bush Essence then when you come across it growing in the wild, you will experience a very special connection to it.

You can book for the Sydney Level 3 Workshop by clicking the link below.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere I wish you a wonderful Spring and I hope you get out amongst all the blooming flowers. I also wish everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a very happy and fantastic Autumn. It’s nice to know that all the upsurging spiritual energies and changes occurring are available to all of us wherever we live.

Much Love, Light and Respect