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Welcome to the March Newsletter!


ian white founder of Australian Bush Flower EssencesMy main focus for this newsletter is the release of the Fourth Divine Presence Essence, the Rainbow Essence.
I’ll be discussing this in much further detail shortly.

On the 26th of last month I started the first of three weekly webinars on the subject of Sexuality and Australian Bush Flower Essences.  This is the very first time that I have presented this topic and is very topical at the moment with all the recent media coverage of institutionalised child sexual abuse along with exploitation and sexual harassment of women in the workplace, triggered by the Harvey Weinstein revelations.  This webinar series follows in chronological order the events situation that impact on the sexuality. Starting from conception, I look at experiences in the womb, birth, early childhood, puberty and then going right through to old age. Other topics that are covered in this webinar include STDs, libido, fertility, enhancing sexual pleasure, impact of pornography, Taoist philosophy, case histories and participant questions. Even though we have already started the webinar series and are currently half way through, it is still possible to register, as there are replay links for each individual webinar session.  This webinar will also be available for purchase, for a short period of time, after its completion.

When Sharon (our Editor) mentioned to Kerrie Searle that possibly the theme of this newsletter would be sexuality, Kerrie laughed and mentioned that the animals didn’t see this as being a topic for them, consequently Kerrie has chosen to write on animals as scapegoats in this edition.

We also have an article from Toni Blackman, a Chiropractor I met last year at my Perth workshop, discussing how she uses the Bush Essences with the children in her practice. Toni writes how intuitive young children are in choosing essences for themselves. In the last years Spring newsletter, I mentioned the very first International Flower Essence Conference, which was held in France in 1990.  My daughter Grace, who was only 18 months old at that time, along with another young child of a similar age, were going up to the various manufacturers stands and picking up essence bottles.  Initially I was following after them and returning these bottles back on their respective stands.  However, when I started to pay attention to what bottles they were choosing, I realised that they were picking essences of a very similar nature.  So, when they were choosing one bottle out of a range of sometimes 70 to 80 or more, they were intuitively being drawn to the very specific essence that they needed.

There are three new videos for you in this newsletter.  There is a video on Sturt Desert Rose, the floral emblem of the Northern Territory, which I filmed in The Centre. The second is a video of me discussing and demonstrating Christmas Bell.  The final video is an interview I had with Kerrie Lester.  Kerrie is a very successful entrepreneur who owns many pubs and night clubs in Melbourne.  One of the unique aspects of her establishments is how she has incorporated the Bush Essences to enhance the experience of both patrons and her staff.  I was fascinated to hear how she uses Space Clearing, Emergency and Calm & Clear, both as drops and sprays to address some of the more aggressive and destructive energies that can be often found in these establishments.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg of this interview! I think you are definitely going to enjoy it.  Of course, there will also be our regular case histories.

Much Love, Light and Respect


The Rainbow Essence is the fourth of the Divine Presence Essences.  It was created on the 11th of May 2017 in Glastonbury UK.  Like the other three Essences in this range, there was a tremendous presence of spiritual beings coming to bless the ceremony and be part of the creation of this Essence. These included Isis, Melchizedek, Chung Fu and also for the first time, Metatron.

When there are the right environmental conditions, sun, rain and refracted light, we might see a rainbow.  The rainbow however, just highlights and makes visible a small component of the Grid of Light that entirely surrounds our Earth. Rainbows – or actually this Grid of Light, is always there, it goes right around and through the Earth. The Grid becomes visible to you to with certain coinciding environmental conditions, but it’s always there.

The Grid of Light is an orb of oneness around the Earth that receives the golden rays of the Solar Logos that have radiated out from the source of creation, from the Heart of the Divine. At the Grid of Light, these golden rays are converted by high Spiritual beings into the White Light of Christ consciousness. This in turn is then split into the many colours of the rainbow and gently eased, in this accessible and safe form, onto Mother Earth, for her and all her people, flora, rocks and creatures of all kinds, to absorb what they need and are capable of taking.

The Grid of Light is presided over by angelic and archangelic beings working, radiating and sending light into every soul that is open to receiving it. This Grid is made up of all the colours, sound and light that surrounds our planet in great multi-coloured, concentric circles of crystalline pathways of swirling light that protect and enhance Mother Earth and all her people.

The following is a message from Metatron, speaking straight after the Rainbow Essence was completed.

  I am Metatron. I have been called forward by all the souls here present, that are many, as we all gathered here to bless you and all who work with you at this time. We are calling to all those who would walk with us in the world of Light and assist us to come forward, assist us to be heard. I bring the understanding of the oneness that unites all beings, working together to manifest the Divine plan upon the Earth at this time. I bring forward radiance, oneness of Light that combines together the beauty of every colour, harmony of sound and light inside the human heart. I bring forward the power of love, of peace. Yet these are qualities more than words can describe, for the state of love and peace, though each one may aspire to it, requires a great deal of spiritual, emotional and mental understanding.

And it is this understanding that I bring, as each one who drinks your blessed water (The Rainbow Essence) shall receive inside themselves a quantum of inner power to enlighten the mind, to lift up the soul, to bring ease and enable the heart to receive the presence Divine. And this presence, by its very nature, embodying in each one, brings to Earth the realization of harmony, peace, love of oneness, connection of the great rainbow of humanity living together and creating a new world upon this Earth.

I am Metatron. I bless you. I bless you all. 

The Ascended Master Chung Fu, who I have been working with and receiving guidance from for over 30 years then added,

   This Rainbow Light is rising up the creative power of the Earth and of her people. New birth is happening and we celebrate the creation of this Essence this day, to be worked with in the bodies, hearts, and minds of all those drawn to transformational change and emergence into this new time.

Blessings and peace.

This is a very beautiful Essence that works for the evolution of the soul. It conveys to the soul of each one taking this essence into their being, to remember their divine origin; to remember to embody the glory, beauty, love and the limitless potential that is their soul’s essence.

It’s also a manifesting essence, showing and reminding you about the incredible variety of possibility. We can see the radiance of the visible rainbow, but then there’s so much of that rainbow light that is invisible to the human eye. Yet that visible part invokes within us a deep sense of peace and joy that is so satisfying. The rainbow is so invocative of the enormous potential of the universe, of the multidimensionality of creation and also of each individual. It really is a symbol of creativity, of potential, of opening to that awareness that anything is possible. Here is the substance of life, the great palette of colours from the rainbow – what will you paint? The Rainbow Essence will awaken a lot of creativity – it can bring a smiling sense that, “I can do anything”.

There’s quite a difference between the Solar Logos Essence and the Rainbow Essence. When you are taking the Solar Logos Essence it’s coming in through the crown centre. It’s coming in very powerfully, it’s energy is sweeping down through your being and people will often experience that as a real blast – as a kind of, whoooo, and it’s really strong. And that’s not really for everybody, it can be quite a challenging experience and it can throw up a lot of resistance, or dark matter might come up – whatever is in the way of this force going through you. It’s strong medicine! Many have experienced this force and it’s perfect for many beings. With the Rainbow Essence however, we have an essence that can disperse that intensity. It’s almost like a kind of softening, it brings the golden rays of the Solar Logos into the rainbow and it then gently finds its way into the being. It is a slightly gentler bringing in of the Solar Logos energy into the individual.  The Rainbow Essence allows us to gently take in what ray or rays of colour we are needing to be healed, restored, empowered and nourished at a soul level.

It’s not that that a person can’t initially take the Solar Logos Essence if they are ready to access it straight away. They can certainly do that, but here is a more gentle way. Also, by taking the Rainbow Essence first, they are being prepared to softly open up before then taking the Solar Logos Essence.

As well as there being the visible arch of the rainbow, appearing as half of a whole circle, there is also the underside of the rainbow, which goes right underneath and lights up all the dark places. The Rainbow Essence gently allows the Light in, supporting people in those places of darkness, giving protection, nurturance and helping them to see the wholeness and the oneness of all things.  This helps to explain why this Essence is excellent for taking people on a journey of going deeply within themselves, but again, not quite as blasting a one as the Solar Logos, rather allowing it’s action to unfold more gently as they do their inner work on themselves.

The Rainbow Essence can also work very well in tandem with the Gaia Essence for working in those deep inner places. The Gaia Essence makes you aware of some difficult situations within Mother Earth. This Essence is at the same time showing you inside yourself, where you are reflecting some of those difficulties and pains that are going on in the human soul as well as in the Earth itself. Once again, there is this expansive, softening, gentle cushioning of this Rainbow Essence when it’s introduced. Likewise, it can be used in combination with the Isis essence, which supports some very deep psychic healing of negative emotional experiences, which are very strong at this time, with individuals clearing not only their own woundings, but choosing to clear their ancestral lineage as well this life time.

Other suggestions to allow you to go even deeper when taking the Rainbow Essence include experiencing colour in a very direct way such as in colour healing. Noticing the effects of and the feelings of wearing different colours.  How do I feel when either I or someone else is dressed all in black, what does that do to me? Or if someone is wearing pink? Are there clothing colours that I don’t ever wear?  We live in a world which has radiant colour. Noticing this and asking yourself certain questions, such as, do I feel better if I’m sitting in a room that is certain shade of colour? When I go out into nature, are there flowers with certain colours that I’m absolutely uplifted by and which put me into an expanded state.  Observe the difference between the vibrancy of nature’s colours of the sky, sea and crystals compared to man-made colour, even if made with natural substances.

If you love blue, close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting in the most amazing radiant blue and feel that blue coming into the pores of your skin as a presence that fully penetrates you. What do you experience when this happens?  You can expand that to imagine sitting in the radiance of all the different colours. When you do this, you may like to start to write down any insights or feelings you are receiving. You may be amazed at the information that comes through for you and how it can open up your experience of colour as well as your spiritual experience of energies. Visual artists as well would definitely benefit from exploring and experimenting with this Essence.

Rainbow at Level 3 Workshop in France

The rainbow has always held a special fascination and attraction for people. The mythology associated with the rainbow has always been that of abundance, bringing great good-fortune, upliftment and it being seen as a bridge from Heaven to Earth.

There is great mystery associated with rainbows, you never know when or where they are going to appear or disappear and what happens where their light touches the Earth.

The rainbow symbolises our multi-dimensional being and represents the multiplicity of Ascended, Archangelic and Angelic beings holding our planet, the Earth in this vast multi-coloured, multi-dimensional embrace, in a cradle of colour of rainbow healing lights. The rainbow is a physical manifestation of the embrace of the Divine, sending light into every soul that is open to receiving it.

I invite you to try the Rainbow Essence and I would love and greatly appreciate receiving your feedback and testimonials on this Essence.

Much Love, Light and Respect