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Welcome to your second digital newsletter!

This edition is choc-a-block full of wonderful stories, videos and case histories. But for me, probably the most exciting news to share with you is the release of the Gaia Essence and program. If you haven’t already seen the video discussing them, you will find the link to it below.

Women is the theme for this newsletter. I greatly enjoyed Kerrie’s article on mating and birthing in animals, though I did feel a tad guilty after reading it. A couple of months ago, after much searching, we finally found a male Australian Silky Terrier to mate with our Rosie. This dog lived 2 hours away and after a brief play and a ‘get to know one another’ the male dog got down to the matter at hand. Unfortunately, at the vital moment Rosie yelped which totally put off poor Potter who then became too anxious to start all over again! However, if I had read Kerrie’s article beforehand, I would have taken note of her comments to discuss with your dog what is going to be happening so that your dog is well prepared – and we will certainly be well prepared next time she is on heat!

Please read Kerrie’s article for a wealth of other vitally important information regarding your pets. She has such great wisdom that she shares so readily in her workshops and articles.

We also have an article from Katie Kempster, a doula, who is really spreading knowledge about the Essences in her local community.

After reading Martina’s article, our Czech distributor and workshop organiser, I felt tremendous gratitude for being blessed with having so many quality people involved in the Bush Essences.

You will also find a story of the wonderful work by Luz de Jade, a Spanish woman who has made frequent trips to the

Some of the female staff at Australian Bush Flower Essences

Some of the female staff at Australian Bush Flower Essences

Greek Islands, her car loaded up to the gunwales with Bush Essences, and other resources that Syrian refugees temporarily housed on the islands, are in desperate need of.  She is doing incredibly valuable and inspiring work. It’s great to see how the Essences can help people in great need.

Women is such a big topic that I have trouble fitting it in to a one day seminar. Consequently I have narrowed my scope to a few topics focussing on conception, birth and early mothering.

Recently I presented my Women’s Wellbeing and ABFE workshop as a webinar over 3 two hour sessions. If you want more in depth and broader information on this topic we are making this webinar replay available for you to purchase through this newsletter.

Planning for Conception

If a woman is planning to conceive, then an important question is, when is a good time? This may take into account her age, her partner’s age, their financial situation and a fear of responsibility. Bush Fuchsia is the remedy that helps a person get in touch with and enhance their intuition. This Essence can not only help you get in touch with when might be a good month or year to start trying to get pregnant, but also when is the best specific time to be making love for conception to occur. Fertility clinics are often recommending that the couple to be making love on days 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, which can put a great deal of stress on the couple. Bush Fuchsia can help the woman to tune into her body and to know deep within herself when it feels like the right time.

I am always very grateful when a female patient comes to me and says, “I’m considering getting pregnant and starting a family and I want to prepare myself. I want to work with you to get myself and my partner into really good shape before we start conceiving.” This is a far more preferable option for me – and certainly will produce a better outcome for the young family – than if the couple turn up to a clinic and the woman is already pregnant.

Preparing with a Detox

One of the first things that I recommend is for both partners to have a good detox by starting to take Purifying Essence for at least a month before attempting conception. The healthier the couple are before they conceive the healthier the child is likely to be. The Purifying Essence is working on a deep emotional level, releasing anger, fear, guilt and the inability to let go.

One of the next things that I look at is clearing any addictions that each partner may have, whether that be an emotional, substance or a behavioural addiction. You really want to resolve this before the conception.

There are three remedies that I work a lot with in dealing with the emotions surrounding addiction. The main Essence that I use is Monga Waratah. It helps us realise that we don’t have to be dependent on something or someone; that we have our own unique strength within us and we don’t need to rely on something else. Unless you’ve got a steely firm conviction that you are going to be able to give up your addiction, whether it is cigarettes, coffee, shopping etc. you’re most likely going to be unsuccessful in your attempt.

Initially I give the Monga Waratah on its own for three weeks. Then for the following three weeks I continue with the Monga Waratah, but I add Bottlebrush and Boronia. The latter two work very well together. Bottlebrush is fantastic for breaking habits. Anything you do for 30 days becomes a habit. So, if you don’t smoke for 30 days that becomes the new habit. Boronia is for obsessive thoughts. You may not be having any coffee or cigarettes etc., but you may still be obsessed and thinking about it all the time. (Addiction is a topic discussed in more detail during the Level 2 workshop.) The positive quality of Boronia is to strengthen and sharpens one’s ability to focus. So, I always encourage the couple, when working with this Essence, to visualise themselves celebrating the news of the conception; having a wonderful pregnancy; a great labour and having a healthy baby.

So, if you’re a woman contemplating becoming pregnant and perhaps your mother died when you were little or your mother moved out, or the same thing with the father, or there was a lot of physical trauma, sexual abuse, lack of love, any of those things going on, ideally you would want to work through some of those issues before you get pregnant. In fact, some of those factors that occurred during childhood can actually prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

Clearing Family Patterns with Boab

Boab is another Essence I like to work with in those pre-conception days. It deals with family issues that get passed down generationally. If one of the parents was very anxious and fearful, it’s highly likely that the child too would develop that trait. In the Kimberley region, until this today, if an indigenous woman is pregnant and is just about to go into labour during the Boab flowering time (December – February) someone from the tribe will attempt to collect and give her Boab flowers. She’ll go off by herself, dig a hole, line it with the Boab flowers, and deliver the baby in to the Boab-lined space. Boab is deliberately chosen to be the child’s first contact with anything on the planet, as Boab will clear those negative family patterns.

During an International Flower Essence conference in Brazil in 2000, two women came up to tell me of their success with She Oak. One had been trying to conceive for over 10 years and the other one for about 8 years. They finally went to Flower Essence practitioners who put them on She Oak to help with their emotional blockages and they both became pregnant within three months. One cried whilst telling me her story. The other woman burst into intense tears the first two times she approached me and it wasn’t until the third time that she was able to tell me her story. They were both so very grateful for being able to conceive and for the She Oak. Many women trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant have the feeling that they’re not a complete woman if they’re unable to conceive. My recommendation to enhance the emotions surrounding conception is to take She Oak along with Bush Fuchsia and Pink Flannel Flower (or the Woman Essence) for a month then take a break for two weeks then back on for a month. Keep repeating this sequence. However, if after six months the woman hasn’t conceived, add Flannel Flower to help with any of the karmic aspects affecting the conception.

In some countries, IVF represents over 10 percent of conceptions. This can be because of such factors as women spending longer in their careers before they want to start a family, then not conceiving as quickly as they expected.  There is also the problem with the quality and quantity of sperm today due to the ubiquitous levels of oestrogens in our environments.

Turkey Bush and Infertility

There’s one other remedy which is useful to be considering for women emotionally if there’s infertility and that’s Turkey Bush for the emotional creative aspect of a new child. Quite often I hear from women who are having trouble conceiving, saying when I asked them about creativity, “Oh, I’d love to play the piano, but it’s just not possible. There’s not enough room in my apartment”. Or, “I’d like to do art classes, but it means walking home late at night through an area I don’t feel comfortable with”. So, where there is frustration with creativity, Turkey Bush is the Essence. Therefore, when a woman is having her two-week break from taking the Woman Essence she can be working with the Turkey Bush, which is in the combination Creative Essence.

In Chinese medicine, every organ has a corresponding meridian and a prominent two-hour period. The kidney’s time for example, is between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. If someone always feeling tired during this time it would indicate that the kidney is not functioning optimally. Or, if you’ve got kidney problems, your symptoms are going to be worse between 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In Chinese medicine, circulation sex meridian is between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Which means, this would be the best time to attempt conception.

A common scenario can be with both partners are tired at the end of a long day, it’s now 12:30 at night and they’ve got to get up at 6:00 a.m. Then they realise, “Oh, my goodness it’s mid cycle, Day 14. I’m probably fertile, we should make love”. Yet being weary and exhausted is not the ideal aspect for conception to occur. It would be a lot better to make love between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and then have dinner or do whatever needs to be done.

Clearing Guilt with Sturt Desert Rose

Another emotional issue impacting on conception is guilt. Something that surprised me when I started in practice as a naturopath was that whilst doing a general health history and asking my female patients if they had had any pregnancies, miscarriages, or terminations, was that how many women had had a termination and were still feeling a deep sense of guilt. Even though, if now faced with an identical situation, they would make exactly the same choice. This guilt seemed to have an impact on many of the women who were having problems conceiving. Some of these women who had had a termination earlier in life, and were now wanting to try and start a family but not being able to conceive, were experiencing tremendous guilt and remorse for not taking that opportunity to parent back when they were younger. Sturt Desert Rose is the remedy for guilt and I found it a marvellous remedy for these women’s psyche.

If conception has occurred and things are going well, one area to be concerned about is the woman having an outbreak of genital herpes when she’s going into labour. Invariably this will mean her having to have a caesarean. In the Happy Healthy Kids workshop, we go through all the different birth experiences, such as caesarean, and their emotional impact on the child.

In dealing with genital herpes, you need to look at the emotional component. One of the most common triggers is guilt. Red, in colour therapy, represents sexuality. The Doctrine of Signature of Sturt Desert Rose reveals a dark, murky, red colour at the base of the flower, from which a very phallic centre emerges. All of which alludes to sexual blockages. On average in most Western countries, around ten to twelve percent of the adult population suffer with genital herpes. Yet in Ireland, especially Dublin, it’s about one in four.  One popular theory put forward for this is the influence of the nuns, who for generations were school teachers of the children. The nuns certainly didn’t paint a very positive picture around sexuality, which to them was something that just had to be endured in order to have a child. There were constant references that premarital sex and masturbation were horrendous sins. Consequently, a great deal of sexual guilt was passed down Irish generations. In recent times, there has been more sexual openness and freedom in relationships by younger people, but subconsciously they were still carrying around tremendous emotional guilt around their sexuality.

If you ride in an elevator with ten people, one of who has a very bad dose of the flu and is coughing and sneezing over everyone, not everyone is going to get the flu. The person who’s very run down, who has not been getting very much sleep, not eating very well or is stressed will be the prime candidates to catch the flu. Similarly, you can have ten people exposed to the herpes virus and not everyone is going to get herpes – but someone who’s carrying around a great deal of sexual guilt will be the prime candidates for it.

There can be other emotional components apart from guilt associated with genital herpes.  It can also relate to a fear of intimacy. If you have a herpes outbreak, then you’ve got an excuse not to be sexual with someone. Flannel Flower is the remedy for the fear of either physical or emotional intimacy. The petals have a velvety texture and when you see it in the bush, you want to stroke it and touch it.

If you’re not overly familiar with our website, I invite you to go onto the Homepage and click on the Videos tab on the left hand side – all the videos are free to watch. The Flannel Flower video was shot amongst a magnificent field of these flowers, all over a metre tall. If you’ve never seen Flannel Flowers in the wild watch this video. You will be also able to observe the green tips at the end of the petals, they are like fingers, with the fingernails showing, reaching out.  Flannel Flower encourages both sensual touching, and emotional opening up.

The Birth

There are stories of women being wheeled into the labour ward, still on their mobile phone or their laptop giving instructions for their business, working right up until the very end. Not surprisingly, these women often have trouble adapting and coping. It’s exceptionally important for the woman to be letting go of non-essential external things and focusing on being more still within in the lead up to the birth. This will help a woman access the divine feminine energy within herself, which will result in an easier birth and the transition into mothering a new baby. The new mother of a young child is going to have a lot more demands on her time and most likely less sleep. There will also be a lot of readjustment. All the Calm & Clear range of products are especially beneficial towards the end of the pregnancy for the woman to be making the most of the time before the birth, getting well rested and relaxed. This in turn is going to lead to a better quality of relationship with herself, her baby and her partner, who she will be less likely to be reactive, impatient, snappy with.

It is unfortunate that with the high cost of professional indemnity insurance today a lot of home midwives have been forced to work in hospitals and fewer and fewer woman are having their babies at home. They too are being forced into going to birth centres and hospitals, where they have far less control of the environment their baby will be born into. Imagine what it would be like energetically having your labour in a room where there’s recently been a stillbirth with all the grief and anguish from that still present. Similarly, if there’s recently been major complications or medical emergencies taken place with all the ensuing fear and panic. A far cry from the nice, harmonious environment the couple would be hoping for. Space Clearing mist is an invaluable tool in these circumstances and should be sprayed around the birthing space as soon as possible on arrival.

During the labour Bush Fuchsia can help a woman be more intuitive in knowing what she needs to do. Emergency Essence is always good to have on hand and likely to be used at some point during the labour. Macrocarpa, which is in Dynamis Essence, can be used if the labour has been going on for some time and the woman is feeling weary. It will give her more inner strength. Bauhinia helps free a woman’s emotions to allow her to move on to the next stage of labour. Kapok is great if the woman reaches a point where she feels she can’t do it anymore and is wanting to give up. Kapok will give her perseverance.

Early Mothering

If there is any problem with the birth or baby that leads to the baby not being placed on the mother’s breast in the first 6 hours after the birth, then this can lead to problems with the bonding between the mother and baby, which can last for decades. Bottlebrush is fantastic in helping the mother be able to bond with the child. This might be for example if the baby was born premature and put straight away into a humidicrib and the mother wasn’t able to hold it or breast feed in that first six hours. The Bottlebrush can also be given to the child to help with their relationship with the mother.

A very high percentage of women will get the ‘baby blues’, becoming quite teary between days 3 and 5. Hibbertia is the remedy for perfectionists, emotionally rigid people and those bent on controlling everything.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid is for the person who has lots of rules and regulations of how everything should be and if the new baby doesn’t allow them to have all their rules and regulations in place it can be distressing.  Bauhinia can be a very useful remedy to being open to change and more flexible.

Bush Fuchsia can also be a wonderful remedy for new mothers, especially if they’re getting a lot of advice from other women, mother-in-laws, doctors, nurses etc. which can often be conflicting, on how to mother, how to breast feed, when to let the baby cry etc. By working with this essence, the mother will be able to trust her own intuition more and know instinctively that she, as the mother knows best what is right for her baby more than anyone else.

Philotheca can be a very good remedy in helping a new mother to be aware of her own needs as well, rather than looking at other people’s needs and trying to please others and do things for others; it’s the ‘time to do a little bit more for self’ remedy.

Consider too, the Alpine Mint Bush it’s a great remedy for care-givers, and of course you’ve got women pretty much in that role 24 hours a day, when they’re mothering a young baby.