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Welcome to your third digital newsletter!

Welcome to the June update. The theme for this newsletter is Babies – following on from last edition’s theme of Women, where I concentrated on pregnancy, conception, and birth. Katie Kempster, a contributor in the March edition, has included case histories focussing on babies, while Kerrie Searle continues the theme by looking at four-legged young creatures. I’ll also be discussing the recently completed Gaia Program.

Recently there was a program on Australian TV where individuals with Downs Syndrome were answering common questions that the rest of the community often had about them. I was quite fascinated by the program, especially since individuals with Downs Syndrome are almost invariably having their first incarnation where they tend to be very involved as observers taking in what is going on around them. As a consequence their souls enter their bodies very close to their conception so that they can stay in the nurturing protective energy field of the mother for as long as possible.


ian white founder of Australian Bush Flower EssencesIn the level 1 workshop we cover in quite some detail the theme ‘Elements of Man’, in which each individual can be classified as an elemental type of either Fire, Water, Air or Earth. One’s elemental type in the system has absolutely nothing to do with your sun sign in astrology and your zodiac sign. Your element is determined by the season when your soul entered your body. This can occur anytime from conception up until the birth and in some unique circumstances even up until 2 weeks after the birth. So there is always the full window of opportunity during each season for a soul to enter the body. Of course even without the soul entering the body, though in this case the soul is usually hovering close by, cell replication is occurring irrespective of whether the soul has entered the body.

In the last few months I have completed three White Light Essence workshops in Australia and I discussed the Elements of Man when teaching about the first four Essences in the range – Water Essence, Earth Essence, Fire Essence and Air Essence. Each elemental type has a very distinct facial structure, personality and physiognomy. And it is through these features that one can determine the Elemental type. Each of the seasons are aligned to an element. As I mentioned, the season when your soul incarnated will determine your elemental type. Water is aligned to the season of Spring, so if you incarnated in to your body during the Spring you will be a Water element. Conversely if you incarnated during the Autumn you will be an Earth element. Fire and Air elements are related respectively to the seasons of Winter and Summer. In the level 1 workshop I also teach a shortcut for balancing the Endocrine system. This is based on the fact that each Element type has a key endocrine gland, which if balanced, will bring the rest of the Endocrine system in to equilibrium and well-being. By knowing your own, as well as anyone else’s elemental type, you will automatically understand a great deal about them and how they interact in the world. You will also know how to most effectively communicate with them and basically what makes them tick.


Just over a month ago the first Gaia Program, with hundreds of participants from around the world, completed. I will talk a little bit more about the Program elsewhere in the newsletter as there were some incredible healings and shifts which occurred during those three weeks. I also want to announce that in September I will be offering a seven-week White Light Essences program and I will go in to a great deal more detail about the elements in that. I am convinced that you can have an even deeper experience of the essences in a Program format where there are daily exercises, journaling and group support through a Forum, as well as weekly webinars.


It is not only Downs Syndrome children who are incarnating for the first time – it can also be children who, as a result of various circumstances such as lack of oxygen to the brain due to the cord being wrapped around their neck at birth, who are also needing special care throughout their life and one where they are not assuming as much responsibility for their life as an average person. Anyone who has diminished responsibility in this life, such as those mentioned above, are usually incarnating for the first time.


In the last newsletter we spoke of conception from the parent’s point of view – however the child’s perspective is quite different. I have frequently spoken about the use of age regression – a technique I teach in the Level 3 workshop. I take people back to their conception and they are able to recall with great clarity what was happening for both parents at that moment of conception. Whether it was a couple consciously trying to conceive, a couple high on drugs or drunk and who have very little recollection of the event, if it was non-consensual sex with the likely associated emotions of fear, intimidation and anger or whether the conception occurred where one or both parents were not overly sexually interested or present but doing it through a sense of duty. What the parents were feeling will have a big impact on the emotional development of the child as will the parent’s reaction to the news of the pregnancy. I have frequently explored age regression with my patients. There would be less need for on-going doses of Five Corners (which enhances self-worth) if the parents were overjoyed and excited by the news of the pregnancy as opposed to a child whose parent’s reaction was one of dread and mortification.


Expectations of the parents will also greatly impact on the child, especially if the gender is not what the parents wanted. It’s quite amazing how a child’s need for love and approval can lead them to imitating behaviour of the opposite gender because of subconsciously wishing to appease and be acceptable to the parents. This of course will arise again as an issue around puberty when the secondary sexual development will again emphasise that they are not the gender the parents wanted.


In my book Happy Healthy Kids, on page 55, I go in to a lot of detail about a relatively unknown aspect that has a huge impact on children and their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical development and that is ‘Primitive Reflexes’. The following is an excerpt from my book on that topic.

During your pregnancy and in the early months of life, your child is protected and assisted by reflexes. These are controlled by the brain stem, the oldest part of the central nervous system, which is found just above the spinal cord. The reflexes are involuntary responses to stimuli such as touch, noise, heat or internal stimuli such as thirst and hunger.

During the time in the womb, the higher centres of the central nervous system are not yet fully developed, so your baby needs what are known as ‘primitive reflexes’ for survival and also for development. However, by the time your child is twelve months old, the higher centres of her central nervous system are mature enough for her to have more conscious control of these activities, and the primitive reflexes start to fade. The primitive reflexes develop and fade in a very specific order, and are integrated in specific sequences. If this doesn’t happen, it can cause extra stress on the central nervous system. This can affect your child’s coordination, concentration, temperament and learning ability.

There are about twelve major primitive reflexes, one being the palm reflex. If you stroke your baby’s palm, she will automatically clasp your finger. If she retains this reflex beyond the first few months of her life, she may have difficulty with fine motor coordination later on, such as holding pencils or scissors. The main reason that primitive reflexes either go out of sequence or are retained is some form of trauma during the early months of pregnancy or the first few months of life. It might be physical trauma, such as a car accident or a bad fall; it could be due to

exposure to toxic fumes, such as cigarette smoke; it could be emotional trauma, such as the death of someone close to the mother. However, one of the major traumas is birth trauma. For example, for a child born by caesarean section the experience is like being woken by a tremendous clapping of cymbals over your head.

 Any problems with primitive reflexes can be addressed effectively with Bush Fuchsia. There may be a genetic predisposition to the retaining of primitive reflexes, so if trauma does occur, some children are genetically more susceptible to its effects. Where this is the case, the remedy Boab can be used to address this family pattern. Obviously, if there has been severe trauma Emergency Essence would be used first to help release the trauma and to stop it from being stored in the body on a cellular level.

An Australian woman based in Adelaide lectures extensively around the world on primitive reflexes and claims that Bush Fuchsia is the most effective way of balancing problems arising with the development of the primitive reflexes.


Last newsletter I mentioned that women who weren’t able to put their baby on the breast in the first six weeks often experienced a marked difficulty in bonding with the child and that Bottlebrush was highly recommended to forge that good bonding. It should never be forgotten that Bottlebrush should also be given to the baby as soon as possible if it hasn’t gone on the mother’s breast in that first six weeks period. Red Helmet Orchid is the Essence to help the bonding between a father and their child. There are many men who have never known their fathers. Again, Red Helmet Orchid would be indicated for both the father and the child even if the father was very committed to the child but was physically absent during the pregnancy or in the earlier years of the child’s life.


If you have read the introduction to my Happy Healthy Kids book or have attended one of my Happy Healthy Kids workshops it is likely that you have heard me discuss the situation in the orphanages in Brazil to whom we donate Bush Essences. In Chinese medicine, organs in the body are closely associated with specific emotions. For the lungs that emotion is grief and it’s not hard to understand why a child who is not wanted by, or able to be looked after by, a parent is going to feel deep sadness and abandonment. Tall Yellow Top is applicable for the latter along with Red Helmet Orchid and Bottlebrush for issues with the parents. Of course Sturt Desert Pea is advised for deep grief and sadness and these are the most commonly prescribed Essences for children in the orphanages. Sometimes it is only possible to put the Essences in their food and sugary cordials if there is no Flower Essence practitioner available to prescribe individually to the children. Of course the children receiving Essences are not only much healthier but also much happier.


In the last newsletter I discussed how Space Clearing mist is an invaluable tool to create the harmonious environment that parents are hoping for when welcoming their new baby in to the world – especially given that so many births are in hospitals or birthing centres where the couple have no control over the events and experiences which have unfolded immediately before their arrival. Of course Space Clearing mist should be widely used throughout the home, and especially in the area where the baby will be sleeping, prior to the child’s arrival in the home. The young babies being born today are incredibly wise and sensitive old souls and will be greatly affected by energies in the home that the parents may not even be aware of. On that note, it’s also vitally important that new-borns are not taken outside of the home in the first six weeks after the birth. During this time their anterior fontanelle (the baby’s ‘softspot’) is energetically wide open. For this same reason parents should be very careful in who is allowed in to see the baby in this time. I recommend closing the baby’s aura off as soon as possible after the birth by placing a few drops of Fringed Violet on your fingers and making a cross over the baby’s anterior fontanelle with your hand.


Another helpful tip is to give your baby Boab Essence as soon as possible after the birth as it will help clear the negative family patterns which are passed down from generation to generation. Some women put Boab on their nipple so that when the baby is first put on the breast they will get it along with colostrum. Ideally though, the mum would have been taking Boab during the pregnancy, but if she hasn’t then she should start as soon as possible. The wonderful thing about a mother using the Bush Essences during the pregnancy is that her baby will also be absorbing and getting the benefit from them.


In both my Happy Healthy Kids workshop and book I elaborate in detail on how the specifics of a birth has a big impact on the emotional development of the individual. I will give two such examples here.  The first is a breech birth, where the child comes feet rather than head first through the birth canal. Almost invariably this is an incredibly long and painful labour for the mother and it is very common that the child will be worried about hurting people – some say they ‘back out’ of relationships when they get too close, that they complain of not knowing in which direction to go and also that they often do, or are concerned about doing, things incorrectly.

Energetically a caesarean birth is like having a huge pair of cymbals clapped over a baby’s head – Fringed Violet can assist here. It can lead to these children being afraid of knives or sharp instruments (Dog Rose can help); a sense of their not being able to ‘do it by themselves’ (think of Monga Waratah), their having difficulty making decisions (Jacaranda), they can often crave touch (Flannel Flower) and have a hard time completing things – in which case Peach-Flowered Tea-Tree can be used.


Sibling rivalry is another big issue affecting children –  both the older child or children as well as the new-born. I recommend parents give older siblings Mountain Devil along with Slender Rice Flower during the new pregnancy, again just prior to the birth and for the next few weeks.  I have had parents bring children in to see me because the elder sibling has attempted to kill their new baby brother or sister. Some have tried drowning the baby whilst others have tried suffocating the new-born with a pillow. Of course, the parents can do a great deal by building up joyful anticipation in their older children or child in the lead up to the arrival of the new brother or sister.


Birth order is quite a controversial topic. Some critics dismiss it out of hand as being purely hearsay, whereas supporters will point to various studies indicating the validity of this subject. The following is a brief summary of the characteristics found in the birth order of children along with the Essences used to treat it.

The first-born often take the role as leaders – the motivated and responsible ones who like to manage others and feel in control. They can feel uncomfortable with surprises or feeling out of their depth, they tend to be conservative in their outlook, which can be both a strength and a weakness. They are usually very good in achieving what they put their minds to. They are the most likely to end up as a perfectionist, so think of Hibbertia.

Second-borns are ‘peoples’ people. They are likely to enjoy working alongside others and be motivated by a cause. They have a strong sense of wanting to belong. Friendships are very important to this group and they are often quite flexible in being able to keep the peace. Either Tall Yellow Top, for feeling alienated and not belonging, or Illawarra Flame Tree for helping with rejection can be Essences to consider for this group.

The only child tends to be a quiet achiever who expects nothing less than the best. They have a great strength in being able to work for long periods of time alone. They are good planners and thinkers but don’t deal well with conflict and can be secretive. They love to please and recognition is very important to them. Tall Mulla Mulla is the remedy for those that don’t like conflict.

The youngest child tends to be quite different to the first-born. Far less conservative, they tend to be initiators, ideas people and quite creative. They can be very much ‘in the moment’ type people who enjoy having fun. They can benefit at times from taking life more seriously, similar to a first-born who often tends to need to loosen up more. Little Flannel Flower would be very appropriate to help with this. Youngest children often don’t complete projects. They like to be the centre of attention as well.  Illawarra Flame Tree can be a very appropriate remedy for them as is Kangaroo Paw if they become too self-centred and unconcerned about the needs of others around them.


Pink Flannel Flower can’t go without being mentioned when it comes to children. It is an Essence to help keep their heart chakras open. The children born in this century are here to serve and heal through their loving natures. But in response to humanity’s cruelty and lack of consciousness these children can close down their heart centres.

Pink Flannel Flower has the most beautiful pink colour. Pink, of course, is the colour representing love. For older children, teenagers and adults this flower brings a great sense of gratitude and joie de vivre. It helps the person to see the world through rose coloured glasses and is wonderful for anyone who doesn’t feel joy and excitement in their life but is feeling and seeing life to be dull, flat and lacklustre taking so many of the wonderful aspects of life and their life in particular for granted.

This beautiful Essence brings about an appreciation of, and helps one to take delight and pleasure in, the details and little things in life; to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment. I have included some photos of when I last saw this flower in bloom two years ago. When I told Kyla, who oversees production of the Bush Essences, about finding Pink Flannel Flower in bloom she went the next weekend with some of the women who worked with her to witness it for themselves. Kyla told me that when she got out of the car and saw all the Pink Flannel Flower in front of her she was so moved and touched that she just burst in to tears.

It only grows in an extremely limited area and when I first made it it hadn’t flowered for 40 years! There are only a few locations in the Blue Mountains and outside Lithgow (2 hours west of Sydney) where they have ever been sighted. For the seed to germinate it requires an incredibly intense and hot bush fire. Another 18 months to 2 years later, with the right rainfall and weather conditions, it can bloom in profusion. These shots were all taken near Lithgow in 2015.

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower

Pink Flannel Flower


Another Essence I highly recommend giving to children is the Madagascar Essence from the Light Frequency Essences range. This Essence helps remove a child from a psychic cloud known as mass consciousness that engulfs them as soon as they are born. Mass consciousness is made up of every thought and feeling that everyone who has lived on this planet has had. This Essence helps an individual to extrapolate themselves from the limiting beliefs around health and longevity that are anchored in the human psyche through mass consciousness. Religious sayings and beliefs, such as man’s life expectancy being three score and ten, have weighed heavily on man’s psychic shoulder and greatly reduced one’s natural birth right which is to live well past one hundred years without mental or physical frailty. I recommend Madagascar Essence for every person for a one or two-week period every year. It’s a great way to cure this insidious undermining of our life potential.


Many of you would be aware of my work with Sally Pullinger, through either articles in this newsletter or on our brochures, in the creation of the Isis, Solar Logos and Gaia Essences. A few weeks ago I was in Glastonbury and I took this opportunity to arrange to record this video interview with Sally and have her explain what she experiences as a trance medium when Chung Fu, Isis and the Solar Logos comes through her.  Please click on the link to watch this full video interview.

If you want more information about Sally’s work and Chung Fu please go to this website:


Much love, light & respect