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Welcome to our first edition of The Essence as a digital magazine!

ian white founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences

I am very excited about this new format, which will allow you to receive a lot more information, photos and videos of the Essences and related topics, as well as being interactive enabling you to have more input.

All your favourite articles, such as case histories, Kerrie Searle’s animal column, my updates and membership specials etc. are of course still available but we have a lot more in this and all future editions than we have previously been able to provide in our 8-page hard copy newsletter.

We have an article from our new Chinese distributor describing her experiences of coming to Australia and seeing and feeling both the energy of this land and the Bush Essence flowers live for the first time. She also discusses what is happening with Flower Essences in China.

New Products

I have written some information about our new products – pendants and skincare.

The Love System Organic Skin Wellness range.

Paul Loveday, the creator of the Love System Organic Skin Wellness range, has written an article about some of the break through ingredients in the range, and I supply some indepth knowledge about the Bush Flower Essence properties used in the New Limited Edition Gardenia Hand Cream. Together they make a compelling reason to make sure you’ve purchased some for yourself or your loved ones.  You will fall in love with this hand cream.

Brand New Pendants

We have just released three beautiful new pendants.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Ocean Bliss pendant

Ocean Bliss

Australian Bush Flower Essences Pastel Bliss pendant

Pastel Bliss

Australian Bush Flower Essences serenity pendant


The first ones are the very stylish Ocean Bliss pendant and Pastel Bliss pendants (they are both comprised of five petite Angel pendants) and can of course be worn around the neck although many people are also enjoying wearing them as bracelets and even as an ankle bracelets.

We also have the exquisite new Serenity pendant.

Personally, I’m always wearing both an Angel and E pendant, though I take them off when showering or body surfing and when sleeping.

I think they make a beautiful present for yourself or a loved one.

Visit to the Red Centre

Last month I sent you an email where I mentioned the incredible transformation of the Red Centre desert into a lush flower garden. In my thirty years of travelling to this region I have never seen anything to match this display. In this inaugural digital newsletter I am going to be providing a number of videos I have taken of the plants that I made there as well as some from other parts of Australia.

Many readers, including our Australian ones, don’t live near or have  ever visited regions where I make the Essences, such as the Red Centre, the Kimberleys and the areas outside Darwin. I’m very happy to be able to show you the places where the Essences have been made and of course the flowers, which I expect many of you will have only ever seen in photos. Even for me, going to these regions each year, it can be very difficult finding some of the flowers that I need in order to make the Essences.

This link will take you to see the story I posted on the ABFE  Facebook page about this very issue whilst recently trying to track down a flowering Billy Goat Plum in the Top End.

Boab Essence

I was in the Kimberleys in May when I took videos of the Prison Tree. Watching this will allow you to understand why I was directed to make the Boab Essence, which is one of, if not THE deepest acting Bush Essence, from this particular tree. Again, I doubt many readers have had the opportunity to visit this tree. In early December, just before the wet season when the Boab tree flowers, I’ll be back there preparing this Essence. In our next newsletter, in March, I hope to have a video showing you this incredibly beautiful and aromatic flower.  I will also have videos of six of the other seven species of Boab. One grows in Africa while the other six are all native to Madagascar.

New Insights & New Videos

During this Spring I have had a tremendous number of new insights in to every Essence that I have been replenishing. I’m very excited to be sharing this with you as I know it will greatly expand your understanding of the Essences and allow you to go deeper in using them with your friends, family and clients.

This Month’s Videos

In this new digital format of The Essence Magazine, I can now share this important information with you in video format, where you will be able to see the location and the tree in situ which will add greatly to your understanding.  New video footage is available for the following essences – these links will take you directly to the page with the video.  If you are a subscriber, then all videos will be fully viewable to you.

If you are not presently a subscriber, I encourage you to join.

In our next newsletter

The theme of our next newsletter, coming out in March 2017, is Women’s Wellbeing and will cover topics such as:

  • self-empowerment;
  • harmonising any emotional imbalances during menstruation and menopause;
  • juggling time and all the roles a woman find herself doing today –  a lover, carer, partner, worker etc as well as common health problems.

I will be creating more videos to discuss the Essences, an article from a young Spanish woman who’s been making many trips, driving to the Greek islands, loaded up with Bush Essences to treat  and distribute amongst the refugees there –  and a whole lot more!

Much Love, Light and Respect,