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The Gaia Program

Gaia PyramidAt the end of April the Gaia Program, which ran for three weeks, was completed.

We had hundreds of people from all around the world participating and it was a great experience and very rewarding journey.  The first two weeks of the Program consisted of taking the Gaia Essence and the final week involved taking the Solar Logos Essence.

Taking the Gaia Essence allowed for greater grounding which in turn enabled a far greater level of the Solar Logos energy to be taken in. The end result of this is for more of your Higher Self to come through, with all the great benefits associated with this.

Now that the Program has finished it is possible for the Gaia Essence to be purchased individually.  It is also possible for you to undertake the Gaia Program individually as a self-led meditation and journalling Program. See the links below.

The healing qualities of the Gaia Essence include:

  • Creates alignment to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water around and within us
  • Forges a loving, protective sense to the Earth/Gaia
  • Opens and aligns us to the transformational changes happening within and around us
  • Grounds and anchors us on a deep spiritual level and raises our consciousness
  • Assists us to let in and fully experience the Solar Logos energy flooding down on the Earth
  • Helps us to be centred; connected to the Divine; present in our body, heart and mind and to radiate our light into the world
  • Literally connects us to the union between Heaven and Earth
  • Balances within us our divine masculine and divine feminine
  • Invites us to draw the highest spiritual energy, Divine Love, down here to the Earth and to us as well
  • It puts us back in our relationship with our Higher Self and back in touch with our actual divine purpose, all in a very grounded way
  • Encourages us to feel safe with, and be more accepting of change and the ensuing flow of emotion

Gaia Program Testimonials

Thanks so much for sharing this message Ian. Although it is a difficult process to go through at times, with so much shifting and clearing, it is so important, not only on a personal level but on a planetary level and more than likely beyond. The more of us connecting with the Beauty of this amazing Planet we have chosen to be a part of, as well as connecting with our Truest Purest Highest Beingness, the better off we All are as a whole. I have been through all of the programs starting with Isis and I am sure I will be forever grateful for what I have gained from doing them! I have found it a life changing experience, so Heart opening and centering, words cannot do any justice for what I have gained from these amazing Essences. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart (which by the way is a long way as my Heart is so expanded).

Much Love to everyone involved in organising as well as participating.

Joanne W

I now feel fuller, deeper, with more dimension. I feel connected, grounded and centered. I feel steadier. I feel as though I can tap in to the universe and I have a greater understanding of where I sit within it. I feel love coming from all directions. I feel cared for and nurtured. I feel great energy coming in – encompassing me. I feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to develop and to understand my being. I feel fortunate that my pathway has led me here to this Program created by wonderful people and shared by many other wonderful people. My thanks and love to all.


Hi, Ian, thank you for the wonderful Gaia and Solar Logos Programme, I have found it to be so life changing at all levels.

Christine Burn

Just wanted to send love and gratitude to you and your wonderful Team. This has been an amazing journey and I have cleared very old wounds.

Yvonne Mundy

My deepest gratitude to you Ian, and to your team, and to all participants. Each of us has allowed ourselves to open, to be vulnerable, to trust, to accept these precious gifts from Spirit.

Ian, your opening to channel, and sharing of Spirit through your beautiful Spirit, has enriched me and my Life beyond words, inspiring me to remain open, vulnerable, trusting and accepting, knowing that I truly belong to this most awesome cosmic community, the ever expanding nothingness that contains everything, if we but still ourselves to listen to it speak. That knowing will be the strength that my Higher Self Heart and Mind and I access as we take each step on this never ending journey, Home.  Namaste, and much love and light to each and all of you.


Having had the opportunity to be part and experience the Gaia program is a DIVINE GIFT
I feel blessed and honored.
All my being is Feeling Profound Gratitude.
Thanks to Gaia and the Solar Lord.
Thanks to all the spiritual beings in Heaven and on the Earth.
Thanks to the Angelic realms.
Thanks to Ian and His Team, You really did an excellent job and You put Your Heart into.
Thanks to all the participants that teach me a lot sharing theirs experiences.
This journey is just the beginning of a new Me.
Blessings and Peace and Love


Dear Ian I feel you have put my feet on the right path to continue this journey of life this time round. You have taken me to places weird and wonderful – yet real. I have glimpsed, felt, lived moments of complete serenity and joy. Felt the strong Love, the warm enveloping Love and the supportive Love of Spirit Gaia and Solar Logos. Seen my Higher Self not as a dark tall figure anymore but as brilliant energy loving me, part of me. I feel I can open up and be vulnerable – I know I am loved and protected.

The weight on my heart has lifted I have been conscious of it for a very long time -gone now! I feel I can follow my message “Go forth and spread Love and compassion where ever you go” with the help of “I am always with you” “we love you”.
With gratitude from every cell in my body I, thank you Ian and all my co-participants for their inputs which helped me enormously. May beautiful Mother Earth, Solar Logos, Spirit and all the nature spirits be with all of you on your journeys!


From the bottom of my heart thank you Ian & team for such a beautiful experience. I just loved being held in the arms of Gaia during this journey and I will definitely continue working with her. Solar Logos is certainly doing its job in clearing the dross for me and I feel blessed to be connected to those beautiful beams light. It has also been wonderful hanging out with this amazing community of like minded people where I have felt more normal than any other time in my life!

The final meditation this morning was just beautiful and I am left feeling more open, connected, whole and complete. I have seen the change in how I react to people and manage situations throughout the 3 weeks and it’s wonderful to be standing so much more in my truth than I was before I started. That’s the unexpected gift this Program has given me and I am truly blessed for that. Blessings to you all as you continue your journeys home.


Day 19 What a beautiful meditation! I feel such profound love and peace. Jesus appeared before me, opened his hands and blew rose petals of light towards my heart. There is such an infinite amount of love and light available to each of us. I am so blessed.

Brenda B

Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing journey. It was actually one statement that Ian made that brought it all together for me – ‘you are your higher self’.

I meditated on the notion that I am my higher self and asked ‘self’ why I had given myself such a hard time during this lifetime and the response was that I just needed to come to this realisation … that the negativity isn’t part of who I really am, it is just part of the human experience – and can be easily transmuted by the most powerful energy of all – heart energy, love – it’s just a choice (free will).

Thank you so much to Ian for having the courage to live your life purpose and for delivering these amazing tools to help us evolve. I am so grateful to have been a part of this Program. Also, thank you to all of those who posted their truth, it really helped. Love and blessings to all,

Janine Brandon

I have found the Program very grounding, I have come down from the clouds and now very focused and working very hard on achieving my dreams. I have come so far in the last three weeks it’s hard to believe. Shining inside and out and glowing with radiant light.

Malcolm Brett

To Ian and his wonderful team of helpers, I wish to extend a very big heartfelt thank you to all of you for creating and putting together these truly wonderful and powerful Essences and this amazing Program.

I have always had a pretty deep connection with Spirit and have known all along that I am a very earthy person, and it was that deep connection with Mother Earth that had drawn me to this Program. I found that the energy even 2 weeks before the course started was mind blowing and building so powerfully. During the Program I, went through and was processing heavier or difficult energies at times, although I knew that a huge transformation was taking place, but there was a part of me that was a bit uneasy at times with what was happening to me and where these strange feelings and experiences where coming from. But for the most part of the course I was in such as sacred place and in a profound even deeper connection with Gaia and the sacred divine. The Solar Logos Essence was so intense and heavy but light at the same time, and although it was very beautiful and I again felt in a very sacred place, a small piece of me was every now and then a bit uneasy.

I found that I really loved all of the Meditations on the Program and found that as the weeks were flying by the experiences, the visions and the power of the Essences and the Meditations expanded and intensified even further. I now feel that I have been through the amazing transformation and that I am now ready to start my New Beginnings and the sacred work that I have come to do, knowing that I am one with Gaia, the Solar Logos and all of the Sacred Divine.
I cannot thank you enough Ian for the truly beautiful gift we have all been given and that you have to share with the world.
Love & Heartfelt Blessings to all.


Day 19, well what a beautiful meditation I felt held in the light protected, I felt an assuredness that I have not felt before. Ian when you said Carmillia I felt some part of me recognised her vibration. This meditation was quite profound for me, as I have always felt a lot of melancholy I realised that feeling has lifted. I have never had a problem shedding a tear or bucket full of tears, however today that emotion was not prominent. I felt frustration with myself a recognition that I have not allowed my self to trust that I am actually worthy of divine love and that on many, many, occasions I have been shown this guidance love and protection. I heard a voice say “stop it ! accept it”. This Program has been most enlightening, one of the reasons I wished to participate is this issue that came forward strongly today. THANKS AGAIN IAN