New Insights and Video: Boab Essence

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I was in the Kimberleys in May when I took videos of the Prison Tree.

Watching this video will allow you to understand why I was directed to make the Boab Essence, which is one of, if not THE deepest acting Bush Essence, from this particular tree.

Again, I doubt many readers have had the opportunity to visit this tree. In early December, just before the wet season when the Boab tree flowers, I’ll be back there preparing this Essence. In our next newsletter, in March, I hope to have a video showing you this incredibly beautiful and aromatic flower.  I will also have videos of six of the other seven species of Boab. One grows in Africa while the other six are all native to Madagascar.

During this Spring I have had a tremendous number of new insights in to every Essence that I have been replenishing. I’m very excited to be sharing this with you as I know it will greatly expand your understanding of the Essences and allow you to go deeper in using them with your friends, family and clients.

Much Love, Light and Respect,

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  1. Jo
    Jo says:

    Thankyou so much for this video Ian, I loved being taken to the prison tree to see where you made the essence and I am eager to see all the videos now! 💜

    • Sharon Montague
      Sharon Montague says:

      Hi Jo
      Glad you enjoyed seeing the Prison Tree Jo. There will be many more videos in future issues.
      Kind regards, Sharon

  2. Maria
    Maria says:

    Dear Ian, I know that the essence Earth can also clear the negative family path.
    What’s the difference between Boab and Earth? I’m taking Earth at the moment and I took Boab a few times in the past months. The only thing I can perceive is that the White Light Frequency brings me more calm.
    Does anybody else compare/experience the two essences?
    With Love & Gratitude

    • Sharon Montague
      Sharon Montague says:

      Hi Maria
      I have showed your comment to Ian and he responds as follows. There is a slight overlap between Earth Essence and Boab in regards to mass consciousness but Earth Essence is not really about clearing negative family patterns. Earth Essence takes you beyond your old ideas and limitations. It beings stability to relationships and people having problems committing to one. The ‘normal’ Essences such as Boab work at the 1st level, the cognitive and emotional and the White Light Essences works at the 2nd level, healing and clearing at the Soul level.

  3. Barbara Hannah
    Barbara Hannah says:

    Can you recommend a sequence for me?
    In January 1017 I had a breast cancer tumour surgically removed and since then have moved to another city away from family and work stressors, lost 30 kg and working on healing and balancing my life.
    I am attracted to Boab essence and possibly Earth Essence. I am ignorant about these amazing essences – but I wish to become informed and use them to heal my being on as many levels as possible.
    Kind regards,
    Barbara Hannah


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