Australian bush flower angelsword

New Insights and Video: Angelsword Essence

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It is always a relief to find Angelsword in flower as it is one of the hardest of the Essences to locate.

australian bush flower angelsword in a bowl

I had many new insights on this Essence whilst I was preparing it.
For example, they always seem to be facing towards the light and they always come up after fires – symbolic of the burning off of the dross which allows for a greater purity and high levels of communication to come down. The blackened charcoaled area where you find them is indicative of a cremation and the flowers coming up here represent the new life which occurs after one goes through the Light at the moment of passing.


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  1. Lorraine Williams
    Lorraine Williams says:

    Lat summer I was delighted to find a mass of angelsword flowering in my backyard so to speak. I live in the bush totally off the grid near Ebor NSW. They were flowering in amongst the snow grass & snow gums. Interestingly this area has not been burnt for at least 8 years probably longer.


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