MY TIME AS A ‘PETAL’ AT ABFE by Jenna Carroll

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When I began working for Australian Bush Flower Essences, I was studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree majoring in Naturopathy. I had little understanding of the essences I was about to work with, and coming from a scientific, evidence-based background I was initially quite sceptical! However, with an open mind and intrigued heart I quickly became humbled by the powerful healing qualities the bush flower essences imparted!

After over a year working in the dispensary many personal shifts have occurred, one being that I have reconnected with my heart space and intuition after years of being dominated by my analytical mind. My relationship with the essences has also deepened, I have learnt how to integrate them throughout my life and prescribe them to those who need emotional support. The essences have truly awakened my passion for addressing the psycho-emotional aspects of health and disease, which I would not have completely understood unless I spent hours working with them!

The real joy of working at Australian Bush Flower Essences however has been the friendships made with like-minded individuals, and having the opportunity to work within such a caring and supportive environment. It is a unique experience working in the dispensary, and one that I will never forget!

With love, Jenna

Jenna Carroll

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