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Luz de Jade helping Syrian refugees using ABFE

My name is Luz de Jade. My first contact with the Bush Essences was almost twenty years ago. I attended most of the workshops that Ian offered in Barcelona, Spain learning both about Numerology and Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) and also about using the Essences with children. Both workshops have been very useful with patients in my practice. The Essences have been a great support for my process of evolution and inner growth and in those moments of great pain and transformation they have been my main companions. My patients have also benefited from them during all these years and the Essences accompany me in my adventure trips and floral research wherever I go. Waratah and Dog Rose in particular are just fantastic!.

Luz with one of the many refugee children that she is treating

Accompanied by Essences donated by ABFE I recently spent six weeks working on my project “Essence of Light” supporting refugees and volunteers, on an emotional level, in Lesvos, Greece. I have also been supporting the rescue team Proem-aid there. This team have been doing a magnificent job saving lives at sea and were in real need of emotional support in order to continue their work and this is where the idea of the project started.

I worked in different refugee camps in Lesvos: Pikpa, Kara Tepe and Moria which is a detention camp that used to be a prison and where the conditions in which the refugees live are terrible. The refugees come from countries such as Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, the Congo, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Morocco and Algeria.

There are some families that have been able to escape and stay together like this one who Luz is treating.

The majority of refugees suffer from lack of sleep, trauma, uncertainty, worry, sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, depression and anger. Many also have physical and emotional wounds as a result of torture as well as sexual abuse and rape in their countries of origin.

On a physical level I have observed deficiencies of the immune system that affected the lungs and skin allergies caused by poor nutrition in the camps and toxicity in the water. In some cases the digestive system was affected by a burning sensation as well as symptoms related to stress such as hair loss along with kidney and back pain.

I also helped a man with malaria, two refugees from Moria refugee camp suffering from hepatitis C and one man with AIDS. Impotence problems in men and menstruation irregularities in women are also common. In children I have seen many immune deficiency issues affecting the throat and lungs, hyperactivity problems, lack of concentration alongside sadness and anger after leaving their homelands.

I felt it was very important to also support the volunteers and organisations who have been tirelessly working for the last year attending to and rescuing refugees. The volunteers themselves are also exhausted, traumatised and often have a feeling of not being able to do enough.

I prepared different formulas for all the different emotional states I found. Macrocarpa, Alpine Mint Bush, Crowea, Dog Rose and Banksia Robur have been important Essences for exhaustion. I used Sunshine Wattle and Kapok Bush for the uncertainty; Sturt Desert Pea to help release the deep-rooted sadness as well as Boronia, Crowea and Black-eyed Susan for sleeping difficulties. Emergency Essence was used extensively in people for panic attacks and hysteria and also in adolescents who had angry outbursts. Curiously the Love System moisturisers had much success among men in the camp of Moria where they were very concerned about their skin and physical appearance. (See accompanying photo – Editor)

Everyone, including the youngest, have benefited from Flower Essences, as conventional medicine does not offer them any emotional support which is what they need the most right now. I asked for the birth date of the refugees I helped in order to try and understand their personality through numerology when I had time.

I think that there is a lack of concern for mental and emotional health from most of the non-government and government organisations. Doctors at the Moria camp only provide paracetamol to each patient no matter what their pain is.

Flower therapy is still far from being accepted by the conventional medicine world, where the egos have priority, instead of thinking of the well-being of these people. I have worked with an American psychologist providing Flower Essences for volunteers who were working at the front line for months at Molyvos, north of the island, with very good results.

This project is one of the unforgettable experiences of my life and one of my greatest challenges in many respects.

The Emergency Moisturiser being put to good use.

I have been in contact most of the time with intense painful emotions that a human being can come into contact with: devastation, post war trauma, loss of faith, torture, loss of the integrity of the being, rape, sexual abuse, rejection due to skin colour or nationality, terror and its impact on the psyche and physical body.

I have heard heartbreaking stories that are difficult to believe and assimilate in our western culture – facing and holding the cry of despair and frustration, embracing both children and adults who have lost their mothers, brothers and fathers in the war or whilst escaping from it through the mountains of Iran or Turkey. Many endured a dangerous trip by sea trying to reach safety. The pain can be felt more than seen – leaving an imprint that like a tattoo will remain forever deeply engraved in their hearts.

I left with mixed emotions: frustration, in front of a situation difficult to resolve in the short term – knowing that after all this pain there are many who benefit and profit from these vulnerable beings. I have breathed solidarity and humanity as in any other place, where volunteers of so many countries work tirelessly to help these beings and where I felt that a more human planet is possible.

As well as giving people Combinations Luz has also been making up specific Bush Essence dose bottles.

I admired the courage of all these people who are facing a journey full of uncertainty and danger. It is sad to see how small children are releasing their anger through violence and destruction with little hope of getting access to education and without any emotional support at their tender age.

It will take time to assimilate all this intense emotion but I am leaving happy, knowing that I have been able to support so many people with the help of Flower Essences and love – that a flame of light has been turned on in their hearts so that they do not lose faith and have the courage to continue with strength in this difficult situation.

At the end of the six weeks intense work and a mixture of so many emotions there is a feeling that I accomplished my mission bringing light, smiles and hope to so many beings with the help of the Flower Essences as well as the feeling of frustration about how the governments in Europe are mistreating all these vulnerable beings, including children and families. Thanks to the support of so many volunteers they still have some hope and my idea is to continue this wonderful project in order to support them. I am planning to come back for a long project – refugees including children feel relief and love flower therapy, and this is what really matters to me.

I am missing them already…and I am telling them every day: never give up! You are not alone! I’ll be back soon!

I would like to thank Ian White for all his support from the very beginning, for his trust in me, his concern, sensitivity and compassion towards these vulnerable beings. He is a being of light! My deepest gratitude.

Love, Light and Hugs – Luz.

Luz de Jade helping refugees using Australian Bush Flower Essences