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The Love System Organic Skin Wellness range was created to evolve through research & development to ensure a constant improvement process of the delicate organic formulations we craft for you.

Optimum skin wellness has many factors and a truly holistic approach to skin health is reflected energetically in the diversity of the formulations and ingredients that encourage your skin towards a truly vibrant complexion.

I’m going to introduce you to a number of “break through new ingredients”, but before I do I should note a unique & distinguishing feature of the Love System which works alongside an immutable truth which is “you always look how you feel” (i.e. if you feel stressed your skin reflects it, if you’re unhappy your skin reflects it).

One of the unique key ingredients in the Love System that separate us from other skincare products are the inclusion of the Australian Bush Flower Essences which encourage emotional balance as an integral feature to emotional / holistic health & skin wellness.

Ian has provided some very salient insights into the Australian Bush Flower Essences within our award winning Limited Edition Gardenia Hand Cream – see below.

As an Australian natural health organisation we’re always focused on learning more about the unique wellness qualities of our indigenous plant species and with this we have just released what we believe is the best Hand Cream on the planet, and to our astonishment, 2 weeks later, we learned that we had won the prestigious “Best Hand Cream Award” in “The Natural Beauty Awards”.

We set out to create what we believed was the best hand cream on the planet because we knew that a great hand cream is an essential line of defence for your beautiful hands which are exposed to all the challenging elements of daily life (water, detergents, sun, scrapes, bruises, bacteria etc etc). When formulating this hand cream I was focused on researching ingredients that had outstanding protective, skin softening and barrier qualities that would profoundly nurture your hands and encourage optimum skin wellness during the daily challenges our hands are subjected to.

The exciting new “break through ingredients” are Organic Australian Native Extracts of Emu Bush, Kangaroo Apple, Quandong & Kakadu Plum.

emu-bush quandong kakadu-plum

These species have evolved over millions of years to create powerful mechanisms to store vast quantities of the phyto-compounds needed to survive the extreme Australian conditions, and naturally, your hands also have to endure some extreme conditions and challenges in daily life too.

Technically, some of the phyto-compounds include POLYPHENOL – CHLOROGENIC




But put simply, these Australian native species exhibit phyto-compounds that support the skin on a plethora of different levels, including concentrated levels of antioxidant activity that plays such an important role in reducing free radical activity which contributes to cells breaking down and can lead to subsequent accelerated signs of ageing.

High levels of vitamin C & E encourage skin wellness including the synthesis of collagen, skin texture & rejuvenation and the protection from environmental stresses, and elevated levels of vitamin C within these species help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and improve skin texture.

The anti microbial, antibacterial, anti inflammatory & anti fungal qualities of these species encourage an environment where your skin can rejuvenate and heal after some of the daily stresses such as cuts, abrasions, bruising, infection, sun & radiation exposure (particularly useful for the skin on your hands which is subjected to daily punishment).

Combined with the benefits of the ABFE’s within the formulations that Ian has outlined you can see why we believe we have created the best hand cream on the planet and our new Limited Edition Hand Cream is simply stunning, and you can also see the enormous amount of research that goes into creating these beautiful skin wellness formulations for you. Please be aware that this new hand cream is a “Limited Edition” and we have only crafted one batch so make sure you secure yours as soon as possible before it runs out (if you love it as much as our staff do then you may wish to consider getting 2).

We believe these new native extracts combined with over 110 synergistic bioactive ingredients have made the internationally awarded Love System one of the most profound skin wellness range of formulations on the market. If you have never experienced truly beautiful skincare, we urge you to experience our Love System.

Enjoy & Be Well!