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From Olga Binklere-Blata – our Latvian distributor. Ian will be teaching a Level 1 workshop in Riga, Latvia on July 15 & 16. Contact Olga on if you are interested in attending.


Olga’s Report from Latvia

Olga on the far left, next to our French Australian Bush Flower Essences teacher Nadia Jacquemin, at the Level 3 2015 Sydney workshop. Nadia has organised Ian’s Level 3 in Autrans, France on June 3 & 4 where there are over 100 participants attending – maybe they are all coming to wish Ian Happy Birthday!

My journey to Australia to attend the 2015 level three workshop was really unforgettable. Australia’s nature; wild beaches stretching for kilometres, the bushes, rainforests, desert and rocks – it all left a lasting impression in my soul.  I am very happy I had a chance to see how the plants grow – the source of all the energy that I use here in Riga, Latvia on the other side of the world. For me it was crucial to have some time in the atmosphere of your nature alchemy lab, where the Essences are miraculously born, and to see and feel the conditions under which the plants grow. Now I can understand them better. It sometimes feels as if some part of me is still there. I easily travel back in my mind to the Blue Mountains, the workshop space, Uluru and Cairns.


On the first day of the workshop Ian asked us why our group had gathered to prepare Bush Fuchsia Essence. It’s so difficult to express your thoughts and feelings; ‘what if say something incorrectly’, ‘what if I am misunderstood’, ‘what will others think of me?’ When we were looking at the preparation of the Essence, I saw how the energy of Bush Fuchsia stood as a cloud above the bowl and later gradually neared the bowl and went into the water. I saw it as the soul of the flower incarnated into the tincture. It came to us so that we might hold that Light in our hands, use it and fill ourselves with it.


Olga’s Report from Latvia

Olga adding her Bush Fuchsia flower at the Level 3 workshop in Sydney 2015, where Bush Fuchsia was made by the group

After the workshop my husband and I continued our travels in Australia – there were long hours spent on the road as well as wild beaches and starry nights. Simultaneously my husband and I came to a decision to continue our travels in silence and that lasted for several days. Anything we wanted to say we expressed with our eyes and with our hands. How much energy is spent in just talking. Bush Fuchsia helps us not only to start talking but can also help us to be silent, to turn our speech ‘inside’ enabling us to listen to ourselves.


I would like to share with you the story of a colleague who was in Moscow. She experienced tough problems with her family and her health and was totally emotionally exhausted and disappointed. I offered her the help of Essences. She is a young woman with two daughters, who had recently had an ovary operation, her husband had found another woman and she had totally lost herself. It was the call of the Soul. As I was far away from her I offered to read her the descriptions of Essences so that she might choose the ones that might help her. She chose Emergency, Transition, Confid and I also recommended Relationship and Purifying. I sent her the Essences and then I had a revelation: it was synchronicity that exactly at that time that she received the help of the Flower Essences.


If we look at a flower, we can see manifestation of the fire element and that is seen in various colours. Colour is light correlation with substance. Rainbows can’t appear in a clear sky, only if there are clouds. The fragrance of the flowers is felt in the air. Plant juice is the element of water whereas the flower itself is indirectly manifestation of the substance. With its roots it strives deep into the earth.


Olga’s Report from Latvia

Olga, on the right, in deep reflection after having just having received some of the mother tincture on her crown chakra.

I offer my clients meditations on flower pictures. Then I tell them about the particular flower and later we use the drops. They choose the amount of the drops themselves. And it’s very different – from one to seven. The application also differs: internal, on a chakra, on the palm or on a crystal etc. One doctor looking at She Oak said: “Wow, those are fallopian tubes and ovaries!’  All my clients invariably say that after using any of the Essences, they relax and feel harmonious, even after a meditation when no Essence is used.  The clients have repeatedly asked me after the usage of several combinations if they contain any strong drugs – because they feel unbelievably calm.  One woman who was complaining about crying for a year and of insomnia, (after her son left to study in England) used Emergency Essence and after several days felt both younger and better and told me that she wanted to sing as she felt herself unbelievably light.

I see that Flower Essences give more Light in our awareness/consciousness. Our body is like a dark room with the lights off and full of uncertainty, fears, suspicion, etc. We live most of our lives in such darkness. Yet it’s only a question of turning on the lights and you start to understand the senselessness of all worries. The same with the help of Essences (liquid Light) – there is more awareness in our bodies, and consequently we can release all unnecessary emotions.


Olga’s Report from Latvia

Olga, to the left of Ian, on a bush walk at the Sydney Level 3 workshop 2015.

When I studied the Correspondence Course and used the recommended Essences, I realised how much pain, offence, fear and anger I still held in myself despite the continuous striving for happiness and harmony and doing countless workshops. That what I was aware of had now been cleared away on a cellular level in the body thanks to the Essences. And instead of the dump of emotions I easily recognised and released them. I also discovered more and more silence in myself. And from this silence I could look at previous situations in a different way. I didn’t identify myself anymore with such habitual emotions, but more and more felt myself as an observer. From that silence came completely different actions and a different relationship with my husband, children, parents and colleagues.


During one seminar I saw back to the time of Lemuria (a mythical lost land that existed at the time of Atlantis). Back then the Light-Workers cared for each other and helped to maintain our body in good ‘shape’. The main enemies are thoughts and emotions that unnoticeably damage and harm us. The condition of our aura is the same importance as a spacesuit for a spaceman before entering the universe. As I see it the Essences help us to recognize the ‘worms’ (thoughts and emotions), nagging our aura, they get rid of them and renew the aura’s wholeness.

Thank you Ian for all that you have given to me and for all that is still coming.