Kerrie Searle: How to Keep Your Animal Healthy

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Hi Everyone!

With extreme weather conditions across the globe it is a good time to discuss how we can keep our animals as healthy as possible.  Here in Australia we have been experiencing incredibly cold conditions whilst on the other side of the world we are seeing extreme heat.  Even though it is winter here and cold, our farmers are experiencing drought conditions that haven’t been seen for many years.  And it is not just the domestic animals that struggle with extreme conditions but our wildlife as well.

As most of you know I have two rescue dogs, Daisy and Ralph, and I am often asked what I do to look after them.  For me it is a matter of being proactive rather than reactive.  I do all I can to keep them as healthy as possible.  Between them there have been very few vet visits.  Given that Daisy is now 8 I think she has only been to the vet twice!

Definitely one of the best ways to ensure that our animals are strong and healthy is to maintain a healthy Immune System.  There are a number of ways to do this.  When I got Ralph as a rescue he had been removed from his mother at 3 days old.  He was also being fed half a Vita Brit (an Australian human breakfast cereal!) soaked in water twice a day.  This had a serious effect on his immune system.  Unable to receive all the nutrients from his mother, and also fed poorly by humans, his immune system struggled to fully develop.  He was skinny, small in size and had terrible skin.  He was covered in sores and scratched all the time.  His eyes were anything but clear and he was already displaying a limp in his right rear leg.  His coat was dull and patchy.  Not a good start to life by any means.  And there were of course, the emotional scars that came with such a start to life which also impacted his immune system!

The first thing I did with Ralph (as I also did with Daisy) was ensure a good diet.  As close to raw as possible was what I found to be the best for both Daisy and Ralph.  They both eat raw organic vegetables (e.g. Celery, beetroot, zucchini, carrot etc.) on a daily basis.  I have never bought any food for them from a supermarket shelf here in Australia as most of the foods contain fillers, colourings, preservatives and other hidden items like sugar. There are many different products available now that are raw and help to build and maintain a strong immune system.  It can take time to find the one that best suits your animal but ensuring that they have a strong immune system means that they are less likely to be ill or need medical intervention which of course can also impact the immune system.  There are of course some very fussy eaters but as their carers if we can ensure that the majority of the food they receive is processed as little as possible then we are on the right track.

The other thing I did when I first got Ralph (& Daisy) was to use the Australian Bush Flower Essences to detox his body.  Ralph had been vaccinated and had experienced minor seizures as a result so it was imperative that his body had a good clean out. For some animals we also need to take into account years of vaccinating and perhaps other medication such as antibiotics that cause a build-up of chemicals and toxins in the body. When he first came to me I had to work with detoxing on and off for a number of months before I could feel Ralph’s body felt “lighter, cleaner and clearer.”

For those of you who would like to use the Purifying Essence on your animals it contains the following ABFE:



Bush Iris

Dagger Hakea

Dog Rose

Wild Potato Bush

A reminder too that if you feel the need to change this blend in any way to suit you or your animal then I encourage you to trust that this is the right thing to do.  Sometimes as humans we don’t always understand why we choose a particular essence at the time but it usually does become apparent down the track.  So trust that part of yourself that may be drawing from your own knowing or may be receiving the information from your animal!

The other important element of looking after Ralph (& Daisy) was to build a strong immune system.  The immune system can be weakened by both physical and emotional stressors, so it is important to address both these areas for your animals (and of course you!)  Ralph came with so many emotional problems as well as physical that it has been quite a challenge to help him heal.

The combination I used contained the following ABFE (and again if you feel the need to alter it then do so!):

Black-eyed Susan

Bush Iris

Mountain Devil

Illawarra Flame Tree


Pink Flannel Flower

What I have found successful for many years that I have had animals (and also for myself) is to both detox and boost the immune system on a regular basis.  In the beginning with Ralph I was alternating between both these blends for months as he was severely run down and depleted.  Now we all use both the blends at the start of each season (summer, autumn, winter & spring).  For me it is an easy way to remember when to use them.  I usually do 2 weeks of each but if need be I give it for longer.  This is something that you can not only do with your animals but your children as well.  I know I make sure I’ve used these blends just prior to travelling overseas to teach the Animal Wellbeing Workshops and I find that I rarely become ill even when exposed to all sorts of things when travelling!

Given that Ralph had a minor seizure with his first (& only vaccination) this confirmed for me the importance of keeping his body clear of toxins and chemicals.  Daisy is also a very sensitive being and so like my previous animals, Daisy and Ralph are vaccinated homoeopathically with a Canine Nosode.  There are a number of homoeopathic companies both here and overseas that this can be purchased from and it is available for other species of animals as well.  It has now been recognised by the American Veterinary Association that the initial vaccination is enough to last a lifetime so if you are unsure then a TITER test will measure the level of antibodies in the blood.  Both Daisy & Ralph have been tested with great results.  It also showed my vet that there is an alternative to standard vaccinations!

Like humans, our animals do best when their bodies are as healthy as possible.  This means absorbing the least amount of toxins and chemicals and supporting the immune system with regular detoxing, healthy unprocessed food and ABFE to support.  Regular space clearing of your home will also ensure it remains clear and balanced which is also good for the immune system!  There is a combination ABFE SPACE CLEARING mist that does the trick or like I have, add to the Space Clearing mist to make it unique to you.

Warm wishes,

Kerrie Searle

Animal Communicator

If you have a general question about ABFE and your animals please email them to with a subject heading “Animal Questions” and we will look to answer them in our new Newsletter format.

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