Dr Gabriel Prinzi – Surgical pre and post-operative treatment using Australian Bush Flower Essences as a complementary therapy

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My name is Dr. Gabriel Prinzi. I’m a doctor with post-graduation degree (PhD) in general, abdominal and laparoscopic surgery.

In 2007, after PhD I began my interest in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, and after years of studies and practice, I was able to incorporate verbal and non-verbal techniques in my everyday speech, in the interview with my patients and in the surgery room.

I discovered Flower Essence therapy early in my life but Australian Bush Flower Essences only in 2013-2014, when a psychotherapist friend of mine told me about their efficacy. So I tested on myself – as a patient – and later on I started to use it on my own patients.

In 2017 I met Ian White in Italy and I received from him many useful advanced suggestions for my daily surgical practice. Since then, more Australian Bush Flower Essences (and Dr. White’s suggestions) were incorporated in my surgical practice.

Ian with Gabriele Prinzi

Ian with Gabriele Prinzi

In May 2018, I was invited as speaker at a complementary medicine conference.  My intervention was about surgical pre and post-operative treatment using Australian Bush Flower Essences as a complementary therapy.

There I spoke about the results of Ian White’s suggestions applied in the whole surgical process.

I was the only surgeon invited to speak, and I was in front of so many naturopathic, herbalists and homeopathic doctors so I started my presentation explaining – from an inner point of view – what the surgical process is.

The first slide of the presentation was an illustration from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.

Dante is scared and confused, and needs a companion to drive him through this strange and terrific trip.

In this illustration, Virgilio (ancient Latin poet) appears in “Canto I” of the Inferno (hell) to rescue Dante from three beasts[1] and take him on his journey from Inferno through Purgatory till paradise. (picture n.1)

[1] The Latin poet is – of course – an allegory of the natural reason of the philosophers, able to lead man to earthly happiness and full possession of the four cardinal virtues (prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice).

While the three beasts represents 3 sins: the wolf is greed, The leopard is the lust and the lion symbolizes pride.

So, Virgilio guides the disciple Dante to the top of the mountain of Purgatory, but his place is taken by Beatrice – an allegory of divine grace and revealed theology.


[1] The Latin poet is – of course – an allegory of the natural reason of the philosophers, able to lead man to earthly happiness and full possession of the four cardinal virtues (prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice).
While the three beasts represents 3 sins: the wolf is greed, The leopard is the lust and the lion symbolizes pride.
So, Virgilio guides the disciple Dante to the top of the mountain of Purgatory, but his place is taken by Beatrice – an allegory of divine grace and revealed theology.


The surgery department is not the best place to be: you may be there because of a trauma – a traumatic event anyway – or because of disturbing symptoms.  No one is happy to go the hospital, and definitively not into a surgical ward.

Moreover, you may picture it not so different from Dante’s journey into Inferno.

A surgeon has the role and responsibility “to cure” and – as Virgilio does – he/she should “drive” the patient through the complete surgical process by his/her presence, words and empathy. In addition, every helpful tool is welcome!

An additional help I found very useful for the patients to use before surgery is Calm and Clear Essence, a combination of many single Australian Bush Flower Essences in one practical bottle.

The in-patient mind is already set on stress because planning a “journey” into surgery means to stop your everyday life and job activities for an unknown period.

So there’s a need to rearrange all of your scheduled activities: job, home and social ones.

While in a rush to rearrange, people may show a Black Eyed Susan or Jacaranda “pattern”.
Jacaranda is for those who dither, never completing things because they are constantly changing what they are doing. In a word: someone with fast-changing ideas. So to speak, if they are following a to-do-list, while reading the second item on the list he/she has already forgotten the first one.

So they really need a help to calm, stop and centre themselves.

On the other hand, Black Eyed Susan is for those always in a rush and on the go, aiming to fit everything in just one day. They are quick thinkers and very impatient people – especially impatient with others.

This is – of course – a stressor, which worsens every stressful situation.

To help people slow down and centre themselves, Black Eyed Susan and Jacaranda work perfectly in synergy with Bottlebrush Essence. In fact, Bottlebrush helps people while they move through major life changes, and helps in managing the “overwhelm” that often goes with the change.

So to help people gain confidence in their ability to handle new situations and conditions Bottlebrush can be used.

Many thoughts may occupy in-patient’s minds, but their main concern is about “something wrong inside” and may bring them to focus on the “invasive therapy/approach”. By “invasive”, I mean to cut skin and tissues and literally “step in” the body, to demolish or re-construct, depending on the disease.

To make things worse, in my country patients often try to find their own diagnosis on Google. Once there, their researchs bring them to “find everything and its opposite”. The risk of misdirection and overloading worsens their concerns, adding obsessive and more unwanted thoughts.

For this reason, I find Paw Paw and Boronia Essences very helpful.

Paw Paw is of great aid for those who feel overwhelmed by the quality – or the quantity – of information. Alternatively, it supports people feeling oppressed by new ideas and information or who feel burdened because of a difficult decision. Because of this reason, it works in synergy with Bottlebrush.

On the other hand, Boronia helps to quit the “mind rumination”, releasing chatter, obsessive and unwanted thoughts.  For example, when someone is going repeatedly on a certain conversation or a specific situation, or when they just cannot get an idea out of their head, Boronia brings clarity of thought and serenity of mind. Boronia works very well on relieving insomnia due to excessive thinking, together with Bush Fuchsia Essence.

Bush Fuchsia is mainly used to equilibrate the activity of “right” and “left” brain and help people to be more connected with intuition and “gut feelings”. In surgical practice, rebalancing the “thinking rumination” with feelings and intuition reinforce Boronia’s effects and finally helps the in-patient gain a restful sleep.

In my years at the hospital, I have learned that fear is an almost constant companion of in-patients: fear of pain, fear of the “outcomes” and fear of “diagnosis”. In short, fear about “something – unsafe and unknown – that may happen”. Something in which there is no more chance of personal control, not at the point you need surgery to solve it

To help release this state of mind – this emotional tremble – I often use Crowea essence.

Crowea helps with continual worrying, when you feel a sense of “not being quite right”, of “something wrong inside”, when you have a “worry workaround” without a specific fear. In situations in which anxiety is a constant companion, it helps in relaxation (literally, as it acts in general on muscles) with a synergic effect together with Boronia. I really like Crowea – and I use it – a lot in my everyday abdominal surgery.

As an ABFE practitioner I could test a patient kinesiologically and prescribe a single essence or “customize” a combination. But as a doctor, I realize that one of the greatest advantages of Calm and Clear combination is that it already contains those Essences useful as therapeutic support for excessive thinking and anxiety, and it’s ready in a single bottle.

In my country, not everyone understands and accepts the effectiveness of Flower Essence therapy. Anyway, what surely encourages patients – and increases their compliance in following therapy – is that the combination is “prescribed” in a surgical ambulatory, by a PhD, and is found in pharmacies and drug stores


Apart from Calm and Clear combination, my patients and I have found a very great aid in Emergency Essence. It was formulated to be of great support in acute traumas, that’s why I asked Ian White how it could be used inside the surgery room, just before and just after a surgery is performed.

The work inside a surgery room is safe due to sterilisation so I asked the anaesthesiologists I work with: they usually advise an empty stomach starting 6 hours before total anaesthesia and/or sedation takes place.

So, I asked them if I could use this Bush Flower Essence somehow and they agreed to sublingual spray of Emergency Essence on patients just before (1-2 minute) and after surgery, and we both saw some improvment in post-anaesthesia awakening and in post-operatory pain-control!

As the Emergency Essence combination is not just available in drops and spray, but also in mist and moisturiser, I used to spray it over the surgical band-aid/patch for the 2 days after surgery.

In my daily practice, I usually suggest my patients use a specific antiseptic “phyto-soap” to clean the surgical wound starting from the third post-operative day. Then I realised that I could also use Emergency Essence moisturiser. In fact, Fringed Violet essence in the Emergency Essence combination helps to reconnect the Chinese medicine channels that the surgical knife usually cuts.

Let me show you the complete pattern:

Surgery Timing 2 weeks before 1-2 minutes

(before and after)

First 2 post-surgical  days Since 2 weeks after
Bush Combination Calm and clear Emergency spray Emergency spray/mist Emergency moisturiser
Dosage 7 drops

twice a day

2 puffs

(before and after)

2 puffs

twice a day

Twice a day, just after cleaning the wound with “antiseptic soap”

In my daily surgical practice, I can guarantee how helpful Australian Bush Flower Essences might be. When you or someone you love – or your patients – are pushed into a surgical process, you can achieve so much support with so little: “worry workarounds”, “mind ruminations”, general stress and surgical stress (both physical, psychological and “energetic”) may be reduced using the Australian Bush Flower Essences.