China Report: from Mary Chan

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By Mary Chan, Chengdu, China

Hi. I’m Mary Chan and I live in Chengdu, China – the hometown of pandas. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings that I want to share.

In June 2016 I was the organiser and an excited participant for the first ever ABFE workshops in China. We ran a Level 1 workshop in Shanghai and an Introductory Course in Chengdu. These two workshops in China were very successful. All the participants, which included administrative personnel, astrologers, full-time mothers, psychological counsellors, aromatherapists – and an acrobatics teacher, enjoyed them.

In China more and more people accept the concept of holistic health and are studying various methods to balance body-mind-spirit. And in ABFE, some theories are exactly the same as those from traditional Chinese medicine.
Our Bush Essence presenter, Caitlin Graham-Jones, is as beautiful as a flower and a very good teacher – professional, flexible, gentle, humble, patient and very sensitive to the needs of students. She was very kind to us and to nature. I was impressed that she would care about the stray animals around her hotel and feed them every day. She also helped us to transmit the energy of the Bush Essences and love to sick trees and the earth mother Gaia. All the participants liked her very much! We enjoyed the art process and drew flower spirits. All the  participants were able to feel nature in their hearts and start to regain a long lost link to it.

After the two workshops, the participants are excited about using the ABFE. They are amazed by their beauty and rapid effects. They are like small seeds spreading the word of Flower Essences to more and more people in China.

The teacher Caitlin said: “Flower essences help us to feel more like ourselves, not transformed into a different person or changed, but rather restored to a sense of authentic or true self.”

My experience with ABFE is like that. In 2010 I took my first flower essence remedy. Then, in 2013, during my honeymoon travelling in Australia I discovered the Australian Bush Flower Essences and was very excited. In dealing with intimate relationships and career goals, ABFE play an important role balancing all my emotions and releasing some of my improper faith deep inside – like karma. I not only used the individual stock bottles and combination essences, I also took Isis and Solar Logos Essences. In meditation, I saw a towering tree which touched the sky and many people lived on the giant tree. Maybe that means some new life purpose for me and encouraged me to take more responsibility. Although sometimes, such a change will let you have some worry & anxiety. An unknown future makes you uneasy.

mary_chan_at_level3_workshopAnyway, in 2015 I resigned after 13 years from my secure job as a corporate business manager from one of the largest banks in China and began a body-mind-spirit studio. I jumped into the abyss of the unknown, like the fool card in Tarot. That has been a huge change for me and for my family and the decision took a lot of courage. By using the ABFE, I feel more and more that I can be confident, walking on my own true life path with love and passion.

In October this year, I went to Australia to participate in the Level 3 workshop and made a deeper connection with the Australian bushes. This is very different from just using the ABFE. When I stood on the sandstone rock and looked around, I was deeply impressed by the vast and old energy of the land.

On the first day of the workshop we took a long bush walk and closely observed, touched and tuned into the plants. Our time in the bush on the second day started with singing a Spiritual Greeting. In preparation to making the mother tincture, which was a beautiful and powerful experience for me and for everyone there, we drew the flowers and meditated on them.

Through this whole process, I understood more about why ABFE are so powerful and effective. One reason is the unique energy of Australian continent. Another reason is Ian. He seems to come from the plant kingdom. He was deeply in awe of the plant kingdom and nature, and was able to go deep into his instincts to get inspiration for the unfolding of the Essence preparation, letting everything unfold in its right sequence.This is why the ABFE are trustworthy, a very important consideration for Chinese people and in China.

ABFE are new in China. Now the rapid development of China creates great wealth and also brings a lot of negative emotions ultimately leading to dis-ease of the body. Along with deepening understanding in subtle energy body and the concept of holistic health, I believe that natural medicine, including the use of Flower Essences, will be the developmental trend of the future of human health.

To have such a good beginning in China I need to thank Ian and his team in Terrey Hills. Thanks for their encouragement and valuable advice. I’m looking forward to the next workshops in China and to many more in the future!

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